1098T Information

Kirkwood staff cannot offer tax advice to students or parents. We encourage you to consult with a tax preparer or visit the IRS website. IRS publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, contains relevant information on this topic.

The 1098T form and information will be made available to the recipient by January 31.

Proceed to the 1098T website

You may need to know Kirkwood room and board costs. Use the chart below to find our maintenance allowance for these costs. Please note that because Kirkwood does not have on-campus student housing, there is a wide range of costs for students and these figures are meant to reach the high end of that range.

Kirkwood Room & Board Costs

  Fall Spring Summer
Lived with parents $1,284 $1,605 $963
Lived on their own $4,368 $5,460


If you have questions, call 319-398-5631.