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Kirkwood enforces prerequisites for the majority of mathematics courses. Your prerequisites can be waived if you can show documentation stating your're ready for the course. Here's how:

  • Bring your printed ACT results, that are less than two years old, so we can enter that score into our system. Or contact ACT and request they release the score to Kirkwood's One Stop office.
  • Take the COMPASS exam at any Kirkwood location. If you feel that the test did not accurately measure your level of preparation, you can retake it. The test has five levels, and upon request, we can start you on a more advanced level.
  • By enrolling or completing the prerequisite math class at Kirkwood, or another college and having your transcripts evaluated by Kirkwood’s Math/Science department.

Cat. #

Course Title


MAT-062 Elementary Algebra None
MAT-076 Prep for College Mathematics None
MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra MAT-062
MAT-107 Survey of Math None
MAT-115 Mathematics and Society MAT-102 or 107
MAT-117 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers MAT-102
MAT-120 College Algebra MAT-102
MAT-136 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry MAT-138
MAT-138 College Algebra with Limits MAT-102
MAT-140 Finite Math MAT-102
MAT-149 Linear Algebra MAT-210
MAT-150 Discrete Math MAT-102
MAT-155 Statistical Ideas MAT-102 or 107
MAT-157 Statistics MAT-102, 107 or 155
MAT-162 Business Statistics MAT-138, 140, 155 or 157
MAT-165 Business Calculus MAT-138
MAT-175 Calculus for the Biological Sciences MAT-138
MAT-210 Calculus I MAT-136
MAT-216 Calculus II MAT-210
MAT-219 Calculus III MAT-216
MAT-227 Differential Equations with Laplace MAT-216