Our research shows that students with strong backgrounds in biology and chemistry have greater success in General Biology I. Our Biology Readiness Exam places students in either BIO-112 General Biology I or BIO-110 Basic Biological Concepts (BBC).

This study guide will help you review biology and chemistry concepts. If you find that the majority of the concepts in the study guide are new to you, please consider registering for BIO-110. If you are familiar with the content of the study guide, you can take the Biology Readiness Exam at the Test Center.

Students scoring 65 percent or higher will be allowed to register for General Biology I. If you score less than 65 percent, you can retake the exam. If your score after the second try is less than 65 percent, you will not be allowed to register for General Biology I. We encourage you to consider enrolling in Basic Biological Concepts.

If you decide to retake the test, tell the test proctor that you are retaking the Biology Readiness Exam in order to receive credit for your second attempt.

If you have any questions contact:

Gary Donnermeyer
232B Linn Hall