In studying communication concepts, principles and skills, there can be no better way than to observe communication behavior in real life contexts. In addition to developing your understanding of communication concepts and meeting the general course objectives as listed in the course syllabus, students see first-hand the very real connections between communication and community. The specific objectives of the Service Learning experience are:

  • To enable students to examine the relevant concepts of communication theory and interpersonal, small group and public communication in real-life settings outside the classroom.
  • To enable students to see first-hand the impact of communication skills and concepts in professional and community settings.
  • To engage students with activities and assignments that encourage students to analyze, prepare and practice communication skills.
  • To enable students to contribute to their community by making personal connections with special attention to positive, effective and ethical communication.

Each student will complete 15 hours of Service Learning. The Service Learning experience will relate to the field of education.

Fundamentals of Oral Communication Service Learning Contact:
Rich Underwood