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What is subleasing?     

Subleasing is renting your place to another person for a period of time within your lease. Your right to sublease is governed by your lease.  The new lease holder takes over the lease including the lease end date, price of rent per month, condition of the apartmnet, and roommate(s) assigned to rental unit.

Subleasing Steps

     1. Contact your property management office to tell them you are subleasing your apartment.  There may be paperwork you will need to fill out at their office.  Check with your landlord because sometimes a landlord may charge a fee for subleasing.


    2. Submit your sublease online by completing the sublease form online on the Kirkwood Housing website. Fill it out thoroughly and honestly. Make sure to add any extra perks or positive assets about the apartment to attract students wanting to take over a sublease.

    3. Be available! Check your phone, facebook, email, etc to see if people are contacting you about your apartment. They may want to see your place in person as well.

     4. Once you have a student interested, they will need to fill out an application with the property management office. These can be found on the Kirkwood Housing website or by contacting the office directly. AND click remove the sublease  to remove the sublease.

    5. When the applicant is approved, you will follow-up with your Property Management office with further instructions on moving out.    


Why it's important to stay in contact with your Landlord

  • Tenants need to have a $0 balance with the property management in order to qualify to sublease.
  • Find a sublease who is the same sex as your roommate, most property management companies will not allow coed living.  
  • As the tenant moving out, check to see if your security deposit is transfered to the new tenant or if you will be giving this money up.  

Other Ways to Sublease

     1. Spread the word. Via your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and word of mouth.

      2. You can also put a message on the "Kirkwood Roommate Finder" Facebook.