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Security on Kirkwood's Campus

There is a difference between on-campus security and the security at the apartments students may live in.  Kirkwood's Campus security patrol's just the campus grounds and does not reach any of the near-campus apartments.

Kirkwood Campus Security Officers patrol the campus, respond to emergencies and other calls for service, conduct traffic checks on campus, walk thru the campus buildings, staff special events, and facilitate a variety of safety and security presentations.  Click here for more information about Kirkwood's Campus Security: Security Webpage

Apartment Complex Security

Many of the apartments that Kirkwood endorses have private security companies that patrols the grounds 7 days a week. Here at Kirkwood we highly recommend that students obtain this number from the apartment complex office.  The CRPD also patrols the apartment complexes often as they are on patrol routes.

Important Numbers to Have

Campus Security: 319-389-1774

Cedar Rapids Police Department: (Non Emergency) 319-286-5491

Cedar Rapids Police (Emergency): 911

Campus Health: 319-398-5588

Campus Health Emergency: 319-310-5199

Crisis Line: 319-533-5761