Summer Sessions = 6/10/13-8/2/13! 

Please see the schedule link below for the next application periods for school year 2013-2014!

Internship schedules by county &
2013-2014 application dates 

Internship / Practicum

Gain work experience and know if a particular career is right for you through the Workplace Learning Connectionís internship program.

High school juniors and seniors can get 45-90 hours of planned and supervised career experiences. Interns learn new skills, apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, develop employability behaviors that better prepare them for the workplace, and gain insight that will help them make more informed career choices. There are three requirements to meet in order to receive elective credit through your high school:

-Complete the on site hours as required by your school's specific program.

-Complete the Guided Student Journal provided by the Workplace Learning Connection.

-Attend and participate in the three career development meetings sponsored by the Workplace Learning Connection.

"I think that this experience has helped me grow ...
it has helped me prepare for life ahead." 

Step 1: Area employers participate in the Workplace Learning Connection internship program. Participating employers write a job description for available internship positions, which are posted for use by review by interested high school students.

Step 2: Interested students complete an application  Please use the online form and type out your answers and then print the packet.  Students will list three internship titles on the application and interview for those positions. These internship descriptions are located on the Internship Specifics page. Final approval for the program is based on the student's application and interview. Remember to arrive early for your scheduled interview and dress professionally.

Step 3: Selected students and sponsoring employers are matched based on student interests and abilities, and employer needs.

Step 4: Students also participate in group career development sessions with a Workplace Learning Connection coordinator.

Step 5: The student intern will perform duties as outlined by the job description, working 5-10 hours each week over the course of the term, and may earn academic credit. This is an unpaid internship. There is no expectation of compensation from the employer host.

Step 6: Students may apply for the internship program the summer session before their junior year through the spring session of their senior year. Programs are offered year round for most high schools. Students who have already graduated are not eligible for internships.

"This was very helpful for me in making final decisions about classes for next year when I am a senior, as well as when thinking about pursuing careers."

Contact Laurie Worden at for students in Benton, Cedar, Jones and Linn Counties

Contact Rochelle Sowers at for students in Iowa, Johnson and Washington Counties