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2011-2012 Annual Report

Work.  Learn.  Connect. 
Connecting today’s students to tomorrow’s careers.

Developing our future workforce by connecting business and education
in relevant, work-based learning activities
for K-12 students and teachers in Area 10

Partnering with schools, businesses, and communities to prepare students to enter and succeed in the new world of work.


Phil Krotz, parent of Center Point-Urbana High School student job shadow participant at the U I Health Care Junior Mini Medical School: "Our son really enjoyed the job shadowing opportunity and thought it was "totally awesome"!  He and the others really appreciated all of the efforts put into the role plays by the patients!  I'm sure he and the others would love another opportunity to do this again."

Recent Cedar Rapids Prairie High School graduate, current Iowa State University student and Rockwell Collins Co-op student, Barbara Lee: "A lot has happened since my high school workplace experience here at Rockwell. Since then, shortly after my 90 hours of internship the manager at that time in the EEE Department hired me as a part time high school student to assist them with documentation and creating spread sheets for the department.” Barbara has continued her employment at Rockwell since then. “So thanks to you and the Workplace Learning Connection, I've had the experience of a lifetime, and it has helped set me up for a great career at a great company.”

Kim Smith, parent of a summer intern: "My daughter, Amanda, just completed a summer internship at Mercy Hospital through the Workplace Learning Connection. Amanda came EXCITED every day about something she had learned or experienced. Several times she told me about how something she'd seen during the day tied into her biology or chemistry classes, showing her a practical application of those things she's learned in school. Her comment to me when she was done was that it was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Amanda & I attended the college fair at Iowa City West that was held last year, a number of colleges we spoke to indicated that an internship would give Amanda a leg up over competing students that didn't have that experience. They said an internship was something that would catch their attention on a college application. This was an incredible opportunity for Amanda, and taught her things she couldn't learn in the classroom.”

Ann Ohrt, Geonetric Human Resources Manager: "The teacher tour was great fun for me and I do hope that the teachers got a bit out of it too. Geonetric is always willing to help be an outlet for tours, job shadows, career speaker days, etc here in the CR/IC area. We believe in investing in educating the next generations about the possibilities that exist for the future workforce."

Debra Brokaw, Counselor, West Middle School, Anamosa: "To meet the curricular needs relating to career development of the students in the middle school, I frequently contact the Workplace Learning Connection. My school has just under 300 students that I want to provide career exploration and development opportunities for. Workplace Learning is a pivotal part of our career development opportunities and is on the leading edge with innovation."

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