For the past 14 years the Workplace Learning Connection has brought together Area 10 students looking for career information and area professionals who share their time and expertise. The WLC does this through:

  • Internships, job shadows, career days, classroom speakers, career fairs, mock interviews and worksite tours.
  • An elementary/middle school program that introduces children to career concepts and shows them how math, reading and teamwork are important in the workplace.
  • A summer professional development course called Teacher @ Work.

WLC comprehensive program overview and WLC Annual Report

As students learn more about various careers and area businesses, they’re better able to make informed decisions about their future. And as employers get to know students during internships and other on-site experiences, they forge relationships that may lead to future employment opportunities for these students.

The mission of the Workplace Learning Connection is to develop our future workforce by connecting business and education in relevant, work-based learning activities for K-12 students and teachers in Area 10.

Partnering with schools, businesses and communities to prepare students to enter and succeed in the new world of work.

The Workplace Learning Connection programs provide equal opportunity
to all persons regardless of sex, race, age, creed, color, national origin,
religion, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.

The Workplace Learning Connection is a 501c3 in partnership
with Grant Wood AEA and Kirkwood Community College.