There are two different options for Social Problems Service Learning

Option One:
Students in this Social Problems course will have the opportunity to design their own volunteer projects from start to finish. Students will brainstorm group projects meant to improve the lives of those in the local community. Student projects may benefit local agencies or may bring information and advocacy to the Kirkwood campus to share with other students, faculty members and staff. Service learning projects are student-driven, group endeavors (with faculty input) and provide experience organizing, coordinating and completing a volunteer project.

Social Problems Service Learning Contact:
Sarah Barfels
319-398-5899 x5932

Option Two:
For these courses Service Learning is an option, not required. Students must complete 20 hours of volunteer service to receive full credit for the project. Students are required to write journal entries each time they volunteer and a reflection paper on their overall experience. This course is only taught once or twice a year, and since it is optional in these classes there aren't real large numbers involved. Those that do it, however, seem to get a lot out of the experience.

Social Problems Service Learning Contact:
Jeff Sherman

319 398-5532