2009 Honors Project Competition Winners

First Place ($500)

Shannon Pauly, “A Comparison of Aerobic Bacterial Oral Flora of Captive Venomous and Non-Venomous Reptiles and Possible Implications for Prevention and Treatment of Secondary Infections from Snake and Lizard Bites.” (Microbiology)
            -Jeanelle Boyer, faculty advisor.
Second Place ($250)
Brandon Garvin, “Exploring Nursing Education.” (Nursing)
            -Laurie Simmons, faculty advisor.
Third Place ($125)
Jonathan Burian, “In-Distinction.” (Philosophy)
                -Chris McCord, faculty advisor.
Lisa Bonar, “Morality and the American Diet.” (Philosophy)
     -Bob Sessions, faculty advisor.

                        2008 Honors Project Competition Winners

First Place Winners ($200)  

Garry Bryan, “Apollo’s Forgotten Lyre” and “Building a Kithara” (English: Sondra Gates)

Henry Von Ruprecht, “English Spelling Reform” (English/Linguistics: Olga Petrova)

Della-Lynne Hofmeister, “Variables of Success: An Examination of the Lives, Minds, and Gender Relationships of Female Scientists of the Enlightenment” (History: Thomas Flagel)

Holly Berkowitz, “Valuing Photographs: Factors that influence monetary values (and selection) of Photographs” (Photography: Helen Grunewald) 

Tara Brady, “Teen-Dating Violence” (Sociology: Jennifer Meehan-Brennom)

Honorable Mention

Gabriela Torres, “Smiles Across the Americas” (Dental Hygiene: Lisa Hebl)

Melanie Dean, “The Transformation of Joceline” (English/Writing: Steve Price)

Zadok Nampala, “Alleviating Suffering, Supporting Self-Dependency and Enhancing Regeneration in the Turkana District of Kenya” (Environmental Science: Elizabeth Maas)











2010 Kirkwood Honors Competition Winners


First Place ($400)

Chris Brown, “John Rawls’s Theory of Justice and No-fault Divorce”—Philosophy, Bullwinkle


Evelyn Cardenas, “The Communication Challenges: Emerging from a Globalized Society”—Spanish, Heath


Second Place ($200)

Jennifer Newman, “Sex and Ethics: From Equality of Opportunity towards an Equality of Honor”—Philosophy, Samuelson