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2015-2016 League for Innovation
Student Literary Competition


Deadline to Enter: Friday, March 4, 2016, by 4:59 p.m.

Submit to: Darek Benesh 
                   Kirkwood Community College English Department 
                   3051 Cedar Hall

General Eligibility

  • Contestants must be 2015-2016 students enrolled for academic courses at Kirkwood Community College.


  • Personal Essay (must not exceed 2,500 words)
  • One-Act-Play (must not exceed 3,500 words, including stage directions/production notes)
  • Fiction (must not exceed 3,500 words)
  • Poetry (must not exceed 67 lines)

Entry Requirements

  • A cover page for each entry must include:
    • Authors' name
    • Home address and phone number
    • Institution
    • Title of entry
    • Author's ID# (school acronym and genre, e.g. DC-Fiction)


  • Local Prizes: (in each category)
    • 1st place: $100 (Entry will be sent to national competition.)
  • National Prizes: (in each category)
    • 1st place: $500
    • 2nd place: $200
    • 3rd place: $100

Certificates of merit are awarded for all student work submitted to the national competition.