• Can be handwritten or typed, either on a note card or plain paper.
  • Should be addressed to the appropriate scholarship (i.e., Alumni Scholarship) or to the Scholarship Committee.
  • Should be genuine and sincere.

Be sure to:

  • Take the time to write more than just a few sentences.
  • Write a separate thank you for each scholarship you receive.
  • Thank the donor(s) for the specific scholarship(s) you receive.
  • Explain how the scholarship(s) will help you pursue your educational goals.
  • Share your long-term goal with achieving your college degree.
  • Sign your name and do not include your address.
  • Include your Scholarship Offer Acknowledgement with your thank-you letter(s).

Mail your thank-you letter(s) to:

Scholarship Office
Kirkwood Community College
PO Box 2068
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2068