Fall 2017

Adoptable Dogs!

and some fascinating Exotics, on behalf of Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Please contact Donna McAllister at 319-398-5899 x4027 or donna.mcallister@kirkwood.edu to make an appointment
to meet one of our available animals.  Dogs are up to date on vaccinations; have been spayed or neutered; have had a dental cleaning if needed; are microchipped (and microchip registration is included in the adoption fee); have been tested for parasites and treated if necessary.  The adoption fee for dogs is $135 and animals are ready to go to their new homes now.

We will need to have YOU and your family come to Kirkwood Animal Health to meet the animals, and, for dogs, we recommend bringing any canine family members you already have to see how they do with the potential new family member.  We don't do any shipping, obviously! 


**** AVAILABLE **** 
Hi! My name is Ralphie and I am a 6-year-old Beagle.  My favorite things are belly rubs, treats, and sliding down hills. I am not your typical beagle either, I love to cuddle, be held and I almost never bark. I’m a little older so I need a break more frequently than my younger friends, but I still love to run circles around people. I love going for walks and I will stay by your side the whole time. I love to play and can’t wait to meet my forever family.
**** ADOPTED **** 
Hi! My name's Ollie. I am a 3 year old Terrier mix. I am neutered and do not have accidents in my kennel for starters, but guess what? I can shake, sit, lay down, and rollover too! I can seem grumpy in my kennel, but only because I want to play outside with you and roll in the grass like the silly boy I am!  I can get a little nippy if there's a lot of excitement; I don't mean any harm but I should go to an experienced home without small children just to avoid misunderstandings!
*** No Longer Available *** 
Fish gotta swim... birds gotta fly... I gotta sing and sing until I find my forever home with you!  I’m City, and I am a nine pound chihuahua that is energetic and fun loving and I do so love to give kisses. My smooching lips landed me here at Kirkwood’s Animal Health, where I have fun with my brother, Lucky, and my neighbor, Mickey, but I have bigger plans in mind. I dream of fuzzy blankets, chewy soft treats, and non-stop lovin in a forever home of my very own!  Shall we make some dreams come true together?
*** ADOPTED *** 
Hi, I’m Seymour, a Terrier mix. Will you be my one and only? I love people so much, but I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of competing for affection, which is why I need to be your one and only too. I’m the sweetest guy here and by far the smartest. It takes me a little while to warm up to people, but, once I do, I'm your BEST friend!  I’m six years old and the lowest maintenance dog you’ll ever come across. Just give me love and snuggles and let me follow you around! Oh, and treats, don’t forget to give me lots of treats! That’s all it takes to make me happy, and I promise I can make you happy too!
*** Adopted ***
Hey I’m Jack, but some people like to call me Jones, Indiana Jones, that is. I’m a fluffy guy who plays by his own rules. My spunky personality has kept me in the game for six strong years.  My adventures have brought me a long way and have contributed to this great personality, but times are changing. I’m looking to settle down and snuggle on the couch with a family; I’m looking for someone who will feed me treats lay out with me on a sunny afternoon; I’m looking for my furever home. Care to join me on this next great adventure?  

*** Adopted ***

Hi, my name is Aspen!! I am a devoted 4 year old Husky who loves seeing and greeting my handlers every day. Sometimes, I get so excited when I see them, I just want to hug them!! I am so smart, that I’ve already got most of my commands down. However, I like to be sassy sometimes and remind my handlers what a free spirit I am. My absolute favorite things are squeakers, I could entertain myself for hours!! Just throw it for me, please! I love to talk, and will tell you all about my day. I also love getting rubs and will give you sweet kisses in return.  As a Huskey, I am a natural escape artist, so a securely fenced yard is highly recommended.

*** Adopted ***

Hi, my name is Cleo. I am a Boxer mix and I am about 18 months old. I love to make people happy and I strive to understand what is asked of me. I am a fast learner that can be taught anything! I am also a good listener and will do what I’m told, especially when treats are involved! I am hesitant around dogs I’m not familiar with, but once we’ve been introduced I am friendly towards most other dogs. I am also very unsure of new people, so go slow with me at first. I do like to chew on things like blankets and towels, but don’t worry when you catch me I’ll give you the biggest and cutest puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen! I love to play with toys that squeak and also love to play fetch. If you like to go on long walks I’m the dog for you because I have a lot of energy to burn! I also take joy in dandelion fields, and will gladly eat the flowers! After a long day of playing and adoring life, I enjoy jumping in the bath and to be rinsed and washed! When it’s all said and done, I just want to be your best friend! 

*** Not available at this time ***

-- I am a very beautiful 2 year old border collie who loves loves loves to play with toys! Tennis balls are my favorite! I know where the toys are and I will pick out a different one to play with each day. I am very attentive and love treats. While I am not much of a cuddler, I still like to give kisses and I love attention.  Dee has some continuing health issues and so will be fostered while we monitor those, so she's not available for adoption at this time. 

*** Adopted ***
-- Don’t let my size fool you- I’m a ball of energy packed in a small body! I am a 3 year old Chihuahua and I am looking for a forever home with someone who will cuddle me and make me feel safe and protected. Because of how loyal I am, I would do best in a home as the only fur-baby unless you are looking for an adventure with both me and my brother, City. I don’t mind kids and teenagers but need reassurance around men since I want to be the man of the house. I’m a ladies’ man and proud of how cute I am. I like to go on walks, learn tricks and get treats, and take naps burrowed in the covers. If you are looking for a little companion with a big heart and will only have eyes for you, I’m your guy!

*** Adopted ***

I mean, Hi I’m Mable. I’m a beautiful yellow lab that’s just a little over a year old. I’m very friendly and accept belly scratches from everyone I meet! I have lots of energy and can get a little excited at times. I get along great with other furry friends so let's get this party started! My favorite pass times are chewing on antler bones or chasing my rubber bone toy in the backyard. I can be kind of squirrely at times so patience is key when working with me. Once you get to know me and my quirks, I’m sure you’ll fall in love and take me to my forever home.

*** Adopted ***
Hi! I'm Mickey and I am a 4 year old Terrier mix. I haven't met too many people that loved me more than I loved them! If my Mohawk hasn't captured your heart yet, I'm almost positive my energetic personality will. Some of my favorite things include treats and stuffed animals (and probably you once I get to know you better!). I like to think I'm somewhat of a celebrity around here, and I give the people what they want by showing off my dance moves whenever I see them. I may be small in size, but I've got a huge personality! My personality is all you need, so it's best if I live in a house without any brothers or sisters. I also love to be pampered with belly rubs, ear scratches, and getting baths! Not only do I love getting baths, but sometimes I really need them! My fur can get a little unruly sometimes. So, if you're looking for a best friend who will make you laugh, steal your heart, and always keep you on your toes, I'm your guy!

*** Adopted ***
Hi, my name is Remi. I will be very shy when we first meet. It will take awhile for me to get used to you, and the quick motions you do. Don't let that stop you from loving me. When I finally open up to you I will enjoy lots of belly rubs, showing off my energy, and surprise you with hidden tricks such as: sit, down, and crawl. I'm working on others as well! Getting me into a car will be a little time consuming, and I will be scared the entire time. I will quickly get over it when I am out of that moving thing. When taking me on walks be sure to stay alert! I have an eye for wanting to go after cars. Just keep my attention away from the road and it won't be an issue. I have so much love and cuddles to give. I can't wait to learn more tricks and t0 get more belly rubs!

*** Adopted ***
Hello! My name is Rue. I am a 4 year old Border Collie mix! I love everyone, they make me happy! I may have been a mother but I still act like I’m a puppy. Everyone thinks I’m a sweetheart, so they like to give me treats. (I have these people trained well) I love treats! But, I do have to be a good girl to get my treats. I love having my paw held, it comforts me. When you crouch down, I will give you one of my hugs! If you take me for a walk, my curiosity will lead the way!

*** Adopted ***
My name is Stella! If you can’t tell already I’m adorable, no one can resist my puppy dog eyes or smile! I am a 1 ½ year old Border Collie mix. I love everyone I meet, adults, kids, dogs and cats as well! I love my toys, my favorite is a Kong. I could play with one of those for hours! Although I am a little too in love with bones and don’t like anyone to touch them, so it may be best to not give me any, or to give me one when I can be totally alone with no one near! Other than that, you will never catch me mad. Everyone here says I’m happy 24/7, which I am! I am super gentle and would make a great family dog because I love to run around and play but never get too rough. So, come meet me and let’s become best friends!

*** Adopted ***
Hey everyone, I’m Zuri! I am so excited to meet all of you!! I am a little over a year old and a beautiful Catahoula. You might catch me hanging out at the top of my kennel, yes ACTUALLY hanging at the TOP of my kennel, but don’t worry, I do it all the time and I am just trying to see everything I can. I love to show off how high I can jump and that’s just my way of doing it! Besides my awesome jumping skills, I am also very smart and love to learn new commands. So far I know sit, down, stay, how to walk nicely on a leash, shake, beg, and roll over! If you’re going to teach me new tricks it’s pretty easy because I LOVE food so I’m very treat motivated. I’m not all brains either, I also have my dashing good looks! Some have even said I look like the ever so famous Scooby Doo, but I’m much braver than him. I love to go exploring and check out new things. I can even face scary things like getting a bath and getting blow dried without being nervous! It has been great getting to know you all and I hope to find my FURever family!

The following critters were very generously provided for our educational use by Animal Rescue League of Iowa and they will be screening the adoption applications for them.  However, you can still make an appointment to meet them at the Animal Health Building, and complete an application for ARL.  
Dave, the Bearded Dragon
*** I'm ADOPTED ***
Hello! Or should we say Eep Eep! We have ventured far from the vast Chachini Mountain in Peru all the way to Kirkwood Animal Health. My name is Ginger (the brown guinea pig). I get told I am lazy and a little “chubby”, whatever that means but I say I am a cuddle bug.  I enjoy lots of food and am always here to chit chat with you. My sister's name is Olive (white) and she is a little more shy than me----”Hey, I can speak for myself...Hi, I’m Olive and while I may prefer my own space I can cuddle too. I may nibble a little on your finger, but that is my way of getting to know you. We love to root around and spend most of our time nibbling on alfalfa. We don’t like to run out of that delicious stuff, so if you hear us squealing, that’s our signal to bring more. We love to play 'catch me if you can' and will snuggle with you if you win. We come as a bonded pair as we could not imagine life apart from one another, but promise to be no trouble if you will provide us with our forever home.
Hail from the high Andes Mountains of South America!  I am Jeremy (light colored), the Chinchilla, and this is Simon (dark colored), my bonded pal. While we are native to South America, we have ventured down the mountain to set up camp here at Kirkwood Animal Health to scope out the local tribes and cuisine. We find the readily available Chinchi pellets and Timothy hay to be delicious and especially love the special treats of apple or carrot biscuit or yogurt.  Although we are used to searching for our own fine volcano dust to bathe in, it is nice to have the local, fine quality dust conveniently provided  to us and we don’t mind an audience as we roll, roll, roll in our bath. Our fur is the softest you’ll ever feel and we can entertain you for hours with our special “Chin Speak” and our fun antics as we run and play. We are looking to set up a permanent camp with someone who loves fun loving, furry friends that can give you lots of love and fun times.