Take charge of your future! College success doesn't just happen, it takes time and work. But, you can make things a little bit easier on yourself (and earn credit, too!) through our personal development courses that can help you be successful in college and help you get career focused: 

SDV-109 College 101, 3 credits
Directs students’ attention to the college academic culture and connects them to resources that will aid in their success. The course is designed to facilitate each student’s development of academic success skills. Activities include study and classroom performance strategies, personal development, academic and career planning, and participation in the college culture.

SDV-135 Job Seeking Skills, 1 credit
Assists students who will be seeking an internship, or part-time or full-time employment. The areas that will be covered include how to research the job market and companies, writing resumes and cover letters, improving job interviewing techniques, and how to utilize Kirkwood’s job search assistance services.

SDV-160 Career Decision Making, 2 credits
Provides an understanding of the process of career development and making a career direction by extending students’ knowledge of career choices and then assisting in decision strategies. The student works in cooperation with the instructor.

SDV-178 Stress Management, 1 credit
Studies causes and symptoms of stress (positive and negative), stress management, stress reduction, self-talk and self-esteem.

SDV-928 Independent Study, 1 credit
An individualized career process that focuses first on broadening the student’s knowledge of personal skills, talents, interests and strengths. The student is then assisted in matching these to a career direction by extending the student’s knowledge of career choices and then assisting in decision strategies. The student chooses one of two of the five modules offered, with the assistance and approval of the instructor.