Dental Technology

What does it take to be a good dental technician?
Good eye/hand coordination and attention to detail.

Are there any classes I can take prior to starting the program?
General education courses are a good place to start. The curriculum sheet identifies those classes which can be taken before beginning the program. Let us know, and we will assist you with registration.

Where are the clinic sites?
Clinic sites can be anywhere in Iowa.  We attempt to assign a clinic site within traveling distance of our main campus.

What is the starting salary for a dental technician?
Between $10-$18 per hour, depending on the location of the laboratory and the efficiency of the graduate. Salary potential drastically escalates as proficiency is proven. There is no salary ceiling since technicians can own their own laboratories.

Do I need to be certified to work?
No. Certification is not required, but it does demonstrate professional competence. After successful completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the national certification exam. The exam can be taken after successfully completing the Recognized Graduate exam. Only one specialty may be taken at a time. The majority of the managers, department supervisors and lab owners are certified.

What do employers expect from program graduates? 
A graduate who is flexible, has a good work ethic, is dependable and can follow directions is a valuable employee. Since a lab produces dental products, efficient employees are valuable and earn better salaries.