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To obtain credit from previous colleges, contact the registrarís office at the school where the courses were completed and request that an official transcript be sent directly Kirkwood's One Stop office. A student-carried transcript cannot be used to officially transfer credit.

You may receive credit for courses completed while in the military, provided the training is applicable to your current major, and that the course is listed in the ACE (American Council on Education) Guide. To receive credit, you must provide documentation, by submitting official copies of your military transcripts. All transcripts are evaluated by the VA certifying official.

To request your transcripts:

  • Army, Navy and Marines: Joint Services Transcript
  • Air Force: There are currently 2 ways to request transcripts once your record has been created.

    1.     Mail a letter to CCAF requesting a transcript which also will need to include your full name, the last four of your SSN, your Date of Birth, and the address you wish your transcript to be sent to. The address to CCAF is:

Community College of the Air Force
100 South Turner Blvd
Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex AL 36114-3011

NOTE: Ensure the letter is physically SIGNED by the member to release their record.

2.     Credentials, INC. does overnight and regular delivery using their service called TranscriptPLUS for a fee. This service can be found at

If you are pursuing a program that culminates in an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or an Associate of Science/Career Option degree, the records evaluator will evaluate your credit. Military credit is required to be awarded as technical elective credit only. No more than 16.0 hours of technical credit will count toward your degree.