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The VA Certifying Official is responsible to notify the Department of Veterans Affairs that you are enrolled at Kirkwood Community College and for how many hours. The DVA will use that information to determine the correct amount of benefits you should be receiving.

A review of your enrollment status (for those who are pursuing a degree) takes place each term. Only those courses that meet graduation requirements are eligible for payment of benefits. Certification of those classes being taken is sent to the DVA each semester. It is your responsibility to insure that the classes you take are going to count toward graduation and that the correct certification is sent to the DVA.

You can increase your chances for success by meeting with your advisor and the VA certifying official before the start of classes each semester.

It will generally take four to six weeks for the VA Regional Processing Center to process your certification and mail a response.

Students will usually be eligible for 24-36 months of benefits at the full-time rate. It is permissible to choose to be paid at less than the full-time rate for a particular semester. For example, you may choose to be paid at the half-time rate, even though you're attending full-time. This has the effect of lengthening the number of months you will receive benefits, but will not increase the total dollar amount of benefits you can receive in the 10-year period.