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Any current job openings will be posted in this section of the website each week on Monday and Thursday. 

If you have questions about work-study, contact Brenda Schafer, Work-Study Coordinator.

Phone: 319-398-4934
Office Location: Iowa Hall 108
Please email Brenda to set up an appointment.

Students who are eligible for Work-Study must:

A)  Complete a FAFSA for 2014-2015. You can check your FAFSA or start a new one at:

B) Enroll in at least six credits for Fall 2014.

On Campus Positions

Department:  Arts & Humanities

Open Positions:  Photo Lab Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Mix chemicals, clean trays, tanks, surfaces.  Straighten all developing areas.  Knowledge of traditional photography and Photoshop are needed.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Must have completed Photo class at Kirkwood.  Must have knowledge of photo chemicals and darkroom equipment, some Photoshop capability.

Days Needed:  At least 3 days per week

Hours Needed:  Approximately 10 per week

Contact:  Helen Grunewald:

Phone:  319-398-4990

Department:  Business & IT

Open Positions:  Computer Lab Monitor, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Monitor computer lab; offer assistance to students with general questions.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Must be customer service oriented and willing to work with students.  Preference will be given to Web Technology students, or a student in an IT program.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  TBD - 5 hous per week

Contact:  Mark Bromwich:

Phone:  319-398-4929

Department:  Continuing Education

Open Positions:  Health Education Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Copying, collating, scanning, typing, data input, assembling materials for classes, assist with mailings, light-medium lifting.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Computer knowledge (Word, Excel, Access); telephone skills; ability to follow directions and work independently after learning tasks.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  8:00am-5:00pm

Contact:  Mike McLaughlin:

Phone:  319-398-4947

Department:  Distance Learning

Open Position:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Provide clerical support for the Distance Learning office.  Prepare class materials for printing and distribution.  Keying in of forms/documents.  Open, sort and distribute mail.  Provide assistance to KTS faculty.  Answer telephones, take messages and serve as receptionist.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Ability to type a minimum of 45 wpm.  Experience or training in Word, Excel and Access helpful.

Days Needed:  Monday - Thursday

Hours Needed:  2-3 hours per day (flexible)

Contact:  Jan Robertson:

Phone:  319-398-5452

Department:  Facilities

Open Position:  Vehicle Maintenance Tech, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Perform oil changes and basic overall inspection of vehicles, clean buses, and other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Experience in changing oil and basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance, valid driver's license and good driving record.

Days Needed:  Flexible

Hours Needed:  Flexible

Contact:  Michael Martin:

Phone:  319-398-5561

Department:  High School Completion Programs (Resource Center) - please note that the location will be moving to the Main Campus in Spring 2015.

Open Positions:  Learning Center Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  General office duties under supervision; filing learning center materials; ordering, copying and stocking course guides, tests, forms, etc.; assist High School Distance Learning Coordinator; assist with special projects like mass mailings, purging files, reorganizing; possible front desk receptionist duties:  greet visitors and students, provide information as needed; possible phone duty; other duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Punctual and consistent attendance; good work ethic; confidentiality; proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Days Needed:  Monday - Thursday, possibly a few hours on Friday

Hours Needed:  2-3 hours per day, prefer afternoon, but might be flexible

Contact:  Pat Beaty:

Phone:  319-784-1520

Department:  Hospitality Programs

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Create, copy, file and type miscellaneous documents for faculty and Department Assistant; allocate and distribute mail; communicate with students and members of the public; pick-up or deliver items to other buildings on main campus.  Various other office-related administrative duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point and other software.  MS Access knowledge preferred.  Attention to detail and personal organization skills are essential.

Days Needed:  4-5 days per week

Hours Needed:  Flexible

Contact:  Dawn Noska: 

Phone:  319-848-8770 

Department:  Human Resources

Open Positions:  Office Assistant

Job Duties:  Greet and assist visitors to Human Resources department.  Answer phone and transfer calls.  Serve as backup receptionist for President's office and answer President's line.  Keep reception area clean and organized.  Assist with KSTAR employee recognition program and even planning.  Special projects to assist HR staff.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Excellent communication and customer service skills.  Experience with Microsoft Office Suite.  Ability to maintain confidentiality in dealing with sensitive material.

Days Needed:  Monday - Thursday (negotiable)

Hours Needed:  Early afternoon, prefer availability over lunch hour

Contact:  Sheri Hlavacek:

Phone:  319-398-5615

Department:  Learning Services

Open Positions:  Tutor Desk Staff, 2 openings

Job Duties:  Data entry using Microsoft Office applications, make copies, filing, fun errands on main campus, assist in special office projects, start and close computer lab, respond to voice and emails, complete assigned tasks (payroll, SSS update, tutor book, flyers, AV requests, Alt Text, clean, etc). Customer service (students requesting tutoring or meeting student disability accommodations needs).

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Must be customer service oriented working in an administrative office environment.  Capable of processing information and highly desirable to have good keyboarding skills.  Workable knowledge of Word, Excel, Access.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  12:00pm-1:00pm and 4:00pm-5:00pm

Contact:  Mike Scallon:

Phone:  319-398-7117

Department:  Library Services

Open Positions:  Library Assistant

Job Duties: Constantly assist the public; check library materials in/out on computer; answer the phone; run occasional errands on campus; keep public areas tidy; re-shelve materials; process library materials; other duties as assigned by library staff.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Must be reliable and responsible; good customer service skills; punctual; good attention to detail, especially numbers and the alphabet to shelve books; good computer and phone skills.

Days Needed:  Monday and Thursday; 1 weekend each month

Hours Needed:  8:00pm - 11:00pm Monday and Thursday; Saturday 8:15am-4:15pm and Sunday 2:45pm-8:15pm.

Contact:  Cindy Wiese:

Phone:  319-398-5899 ext 4841

Off Campus Positions - Non-Profit Agencies

Department:  HD Youth Center - Cedar Rapids

Open Positions:  Child Care Worker, Multiple Positions

Job Duties:  Supervise children ages pre-k to 12; general cleaning; food prep; reading to kids; arts and crafts with kids.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Good communication skills, patience, good with kids.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Center is open 1:30pm - 6:30pm

Contact:  Darcie Torres:

Phone:  319-365-1662

Department:  Loving Arms Early Learning Center - Iowa City

Open Positions:  Nutritionist, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Plan and follow healthy meal guidelines; prepare and serve nutritious foods according to what is appropriate for each age group; supervise the meal preparation so that all state regulations are followed.  When you come in first thing in the morning, you need to read the menu and see what is needed for the day.  Also, grocery shopping will be part of the job duties, which is done every Monday and Wednesday.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Culinary Arts student preferred, but is not required.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  9:00am-2:00pm

Contact:  Joyce Kofron:

Phone:  319-351-9531

Department:  Loving Arms Early Learning Center - Iowa City

Open Positions:  Teacher, 1 opening

Job Duties:  The care and education of multiple children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.  Duties may include but are not limited to:  outdoor play, water play, diaper changing, bottle feeding, solid food serving/feeding, activity planning, reading and learning exercises. 

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Experience with children, including at least three references.  Experience/knolwedge of DHS regulations or childcare centers is not required, but preferred.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  7:00am-6:00pm

Contact:  Joyce Kofron:

Phone:  319-351-9531

Department:  MJSCCC at Brookland Woods - Iowa City

Open Positions:  Child Care Worker, multiple positions 

Job Duties:  Supervise, care for, and play with 28 children.  Our children, ages 2-6 are not age grouped and participate at will in child centered, open-ended activities in our six well appointed play rooms.  Child care staff are assigned to rooms in one-hour intervals while the children come and go.  We have a beautiful shady back yard on a historic IC ravine.  The yard has terrific old fashioned play equipment and 14 tons of sand!  It is not unusual for us to have parents or professionals observing.  Our program facilitates and stimulates children in self-directed, natural, developmentally appropriate play.  It is closely supervised (NOT micro-managed) by creative, cheerful, conscientious, attentive playful adults.  We expect staff to play, tidy up, and always be aware of the interactions occurring around them.  We expect staff to mediate disputes and assist children in need.  We want staff to offer appropriate, open-ended observations and comments to playing children.  This indicates denuine interest in the children's play as well as signaling the accessibility of the child care staff.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  There are no special skills required other than a genuine enjoyment of time spent with children as well as a willingness to play.  You should be a self-motivated worker because your supervisors will not be working directly near you most of the time.  You should be open to learning our philosophy of play and how it is best facilitated.  You should be observant and able to change hears quickly in order to respond to evolving situatuions.  There is always a director or a senior staff member from whom you can expect guidance, ideas and suggestions.  You are expected to initiate and maintain close relationships with the children while you are getting to know them.  If you trust your basic instincts, are comfortable around children, can ask questions when you are unsure and can accept guidance even when you didn't realize you needed it - you will be a good child care worker.

Days Needed:  All are possible.  We are open Monday - friday from 7:00am-6:00pm.  We cover 350 hours child care hours per week with student child care workers.  We will schedule around your individual availability and our needs.  Many of our students choose to work here for their entire college career.

Hours Needed:  See "Days Needed" above.  We are open from 7:00am-6:00pm.  Students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week except during Summer and Breaks which can be up to 28 hours per week.

Contact:  Sharon McDonald/Jill Strunk: 

Phone:  319-337-8980

Department:  Waypoint Services - Accounting - Cedar Rapids

Open Position:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Maintain employee database; assemble employee packets; filing; support DHS database; assemble enrollment packets; assist the family support specialist with client giveaways.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Attention to detail.

Days Needed:  Flexible, Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Flexible, 8:00am-4:00pm

Contact:  Jackie Lee:

Phone:  319-365-1458 x6126

Department:  Waypoint Services - Administration - Cedar Rapids

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist various administrative tasks, filing, organizing, sorting and data entry for the Chief Operations Officer.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Strong customer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office products; dependable.

Days Needed:  Flexible between Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Flexible between 8:00am-5:00pm

Contact:  David Thielen:

Phone:  319-365-1458 x6145

Department:  Waypoint Services - Facilities - Cedar Rapids

Open Positions:  Facilities Assistant (Handyman), 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist with various facility and custodial needs.  Simple repairs, run errands, pick up parts, be able to work with simple tools to assist in repairs, cleaning supplies and equipment.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Dependable; general knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, and carpentry skills.

Days Needed:  Flexible between Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Flexible between 8:00am - 4:00pm

Contact:  Daniel Smith:

Phone:  319-365-1458 x6135

Department:  Waypoint Services - Food Service - Cedar Rapids

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist various administrative tasks, filing, organizing, sorting, and data entry for the Food Service Director.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Strong computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office products; dependable.

Days Needed:  Flexible Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Flexible 8:00am-5:00pm

Contact:  Chris Hart:

Phone:  319-365-1458 x6138

Department:  Waypoint Services - Resource Development - Cedar Rapids

Open Positions:  Resource Development/Marketing, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist in coordinating community awareness events, website design and updates, social media updates and various administrative tasks.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Strong computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office products, experience with Adobe Creative Suites a plus.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  9:00am-4:00pm

Contact:  Autumn Craft: 

Phone:  319-365-1458 x6117