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Any current job openings will be posted in this section of the website each week on Monday and Thursday. 

If you have questions about work-study, contact Brenda Schafer, Work-Study Coordinator.

Phone: 319-398-4934
Office Location: Iowa Hall 108
Please email Brenda to set up an appointment.

Students who are eligible for Work-Study must:

A)  Complete a FAFSA for 2015-2016. You can check your FAFSA or start a new one at:

B) Enroll in at least six credits for Fall 2015.

On Campus Positions

Summer 2015 On Campus Positions:

Department:  Ag Science

Open Positions:  Natural Resources Technician, 2 openings

Job Duties:  The student(s) filling this position will maintain trumpeter swan park, college owned prairies, Atherton Wetland Outdoor Lab and other duties as needed for the Parks Program.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  The student will run a variety of equipment including mowers, tractors and other work site tools.

Days Needed:  Flexible, will work around student's schedule

Hours Needed:  20 hours per week - Flexible, will work around student's schedule

Contact:  Michael Tipton: 

Phone:  319-398-5899 x5140

Department:  Ag Science/Horticulture

Open Position:  LCD Program Technician, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Support the Landscape, Construction and Design program by performing the following tasks:  grounds management activities - such as bed preparation, planting, fertilizing, watering, weed control, etc.; lab assting - assist LCD faculty with lab set-up, implementation, and tear-down, operate equipment, assist with greenhouse activities as needed.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Love of plants and an interest in plant maintenance and care; an interest in performing physical activities in an outdoor setting; dependability; willingness to work Fall, Spring and Summer terms; valid driver's license; some experience operating equipment.

Days Needed:  1-2 days per week

Hours Needed:  10 hours per week

Contact:  Paul Saladin:

Phone:  319-398-5899 x5127

Fall 2015 Work Study Openings - Available July 1, 2015 

On Campus Openings

Department:  Ag Science/Horticulture

Open Positions:  Greenhouse Technician, 2 positions

Job Duties:  The students filling this position will assist the greenhouse manager in one primary area. The are of responsibility includes the planting, care, and maintenance of plants growing inside and around the greenhouse facility. Maintenance activities may include watering, fertilizing, pruning, staking, transplanting, plant disposal, and plant health care. The students will help monitor the growing environment inside the greenhouse, keep the area clean, and assist with routine maintenance.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Dependability is a must; familiarity with Microsoft Excel is desirable; basic plant care knowledge; some mechanical skills; and the ability to use common hand tools.

Days Needed:  Flexible, Monday - Friday, occasionally weekends

Hours Needed:  Flexible, between 8:00am-4:00pm

Contact:  Bob Smith:

Phone:  319-398-5899 x5100

Department:  Allied Health

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Traditional office tasks:  answer phones, filing, typing and data entry. Other duties include doing copy runs, special project and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Students majoring in or indicating Allied Health program as their area of study are not eligible to serve as work study in the Allied Health Department.  Customer service for assisting phone and walk-in customers; good general knowledge of Microsoft Office programs; knowledge of office technology such as scanning, printing, faxing and filing.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  8:00am-5:00pm, 10-15 hours per week

Contact:  Katie Tanner: 

Phone:  319-398-7191

Department:  Arts & Humanities

Open Positions:  Art Gallery, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Passion for the Fine and Performing Arts. Prefer student who has taken an art, music, or theatre course at Kirkwood. Excellent customer service skills required.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday mid-day 

Hours Needed:  11:15am - 12:10pm, 8 hours per week

Contact:  Karla Scriven:

Phone:  319-398-4913

Department:  Arts & Humanities

Open Positions:  3-Dimensional Arts Studio Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Knowledge and experience in 3-Dimensional arts (glass, ceramics, sculpture). At least one 3-dimensional class taken at Kirkwood. Maintain working studio spaces, cleaning, and monitoring studio usage in the Art and Theatre Annex and Hot Shop.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Varies, mostly evenings, 10 hours per week

Contact:  Karla Scriven:

Phone:  319-398-4913

Department:  Arts & Humanities

Open Positions:  2-Dimensional Arts Studio Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Knowledge and experience in 2-Dimensional arts (painting, drawing, photography). At least one 2-dimensional class taken at Kirkwood. Maintain working studio spaces, cleaning, and monitoring studios.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Varies, 8 hours per week

Contact:  Arbe Bareis: 

Phone:  319-398-5704

Department:  Business & IT

Open Positions:  Marketing Management Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist instructor with clerical tasks; assistance with DECA Club paperwork.

Days Needed:  TBD

Hours Needed:  TBD

Contact:  Mark Abel:

Phone:  319-398-5440

Department:  Continuing Education - Health

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Copying, collating, scanning, typing, data input, assembling materials for classes, assist with mailings, light-medium lifting, copying/collating, filing, scanning.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Computer knowledge; basic office skills; interpersonal communication skills.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday (flexible)

Hours Needed:  8:00am - 5:00pm (flexible)

Contact:  Mike McLaughlin: 

Phone:  319-398-4947

Department:  Human Resources

Open Position:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Greet and assist visitors to Human Resources department. Answer phone and transfer calls. Serve as backup receptionist for President's office and answer Predient's line. Keep receptionist area clean and organized. Sort mail and sign packages. Order office supplies. Scan incoming application materials. Provide support to HR staff.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Excellent communication skills and Office Word and Excel; Ability to maintain confidentiality with sensitive information.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday, flexible on specific days

Hours Needed:  Late morning/early afternoon, 10-12 hours per week

Contact:  Sheri Hlavacek:

Phone:  319-398-5615

Department:  Industrial Technology

Open Positions:  EET Technician, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist in maintaining labs needed for the EET program, including:  testing equipment, sort inventory of parts and equipment, and general lab maintenance.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Knowledge of electronics

Days Needed:  Will work around student's schedule

Hours Needed:  10 hours per week

Contact:  Jim Trepka: 

Phone:  319-398-7146

Department:  KCCK

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Sending out premiums during fund drive, help during fund drive answering phones, inputting data into the computer. Sending out CD of the month and helping with bulk mailings. Some work with general manager, developmental manager and program director. Some recording work.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Microsoft Office; general office experience helpful

Days Needed:  Monday - Thursday

Hours Needed:  8:00am-4:00pm, 10-15 hours per week

Phone:  319-398-5446

Department:  Learning Services

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Daily filing, faxing, photocopying, data entry, document production, light cleaning and organizing the office as well as communicating professionally over the phone and in person with students, parents and staff. Occasional responsibilities may include running errands throughout main campus and assisting in special office projects.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Microsoft Office; data entry; general clerical and customer service background.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  8:00am - 5:00pm, 10 hours a week - preference given to applicants available 12-1 and 4-5 Monday - Friday

Contact:  Nic Jones:

Phone:  319-398-5574

Department:  Learning Services - Tutoring

Open Position:  Tutoring Office Assistant, 3 positions

Job Duties:  Data entry using Microsoft Office applications, make copies, filing, errands on main campus, assist in special office projects, start and close computer lab, respond to voice and emails, complete assigned tasks.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Microsoft Office; data entry

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Between 8:00am - 5:00pm, 8 hours per week

Contact:  Mike Scallon:

Phone:  319-398-7117

Department:  Marketing

Open Positions:  Social Media Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Assist in managing Kirkwood's presence in social media sites to engage with current and prospective students. Job duties will include providing timely, accurate and complete analytics reports on Kirkwood social media endeavors. Responsible for a "project" to be presented at the end of internship to Social Media Team. Project could range from a campaign, competitive analysis or other. Job duties could vary depending on social media campaign, time of year or other social media assignments.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Experience and understanding of frequently used social media and web platforms; effective communication skills; excellent organizational and time management skills; passion for marketing, strategy and written communication; team-oriented; ability to build relationships; ability to work quickly and adjust priorities as needed; must own a smart phone with internet connection.

Days Needed:  Various Monday - Friday

Hours Needed:  Flexible

Contact:  Justin Hoehn:

Phone:  319-398-5493

Department:  Technology Services

Open Positions:  Computer Lab Assistant, 6 openings

Job Duties:  Provide excellent phone/customer service skills (written/oral) and speak fluent English. Answer phones for the Student Help Desk and EagleCard office, making student and staff photo ID cards (EagleCards), taking photos for ID cards, adding funds to EagleCards, making change and operating a cash register.  Assist students, faculty and staff in the use of KCC supported and online student applications and resources. Open/close classrooms/labs. Cleaning monitors, keyboards, mice and desktops. May do some software/hardware installation depending on level of computer knowledge. 

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Strong customer service, phone skills and cash register experience. Speak fluent English. Strong working experience with PC's, MAC's, AV equipment, iPAD's, tablets, Android's, iPhones or other technical device. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft windows, Microsoft Office, EagleNet, Student Email and Office 365 experience. Preferably Business & IT/LAN students.

Days Needed:  Monday - Sunday

Hours Needed:  7:30am - 10:00pm, 10-20 hours per week

Contact:  Kathy Baker:

Phone:  319-398-5899 x5036

Department:  Washington County Regional Center - Washington

Open Positions:  Office Assistant, 1 opening

Job Duties:  Reception: walk-in and phone; assist with college credit as needed; monitor exams and quizzes, open and close the center and all tasks associated with that; phone calls to students in continuing education classes; filing papers for students; assist with clerical tasks as needed; assist in computer lab as needed; prepare mailing as directed; other duties as needed.

Qualifications/Special Skills:  Computer experience preferred. We are looking for someone who is friendly and personable since they will be dealing with the public over the phone and in person.

Days Needed:  Monday - Friday and occasional Saturday

Hours Needed:  8-12 hours per week

Contact:  Tera Pickens: 

Phone:  319-653-4655