Medical Assisting

Course registration information for Medical Assisting students is located below. Please read the following information that will be helpful when registering for your next semester classes:

  • Priority registration information has been sent to you via email for the upcoming semester.
  • Registration for classes is done through EagleNet. You can learn more on how to register for classes by visiting the following link: Steps to Registration 
  • Remember to run your degree audit (through EagleNet) to ensure you are on track for graduation.
  • Questions? Call 398-5566 or come to Allied Health Department in 2164 Linn Hall for assistance. Please choose ONE group and register for all courses listed, unless you are advised by Program faculty to do otherwise.

Fall Semester Schedule for:

Students accepted in Spring 2020

Students accepted in Summer 2020

Students accepted in Fall 2020

Spring Semester Schedule for:

Students accepted in Summer 2019

Students accepted in Fall 2019

Students accepted in Spring 2020

Summer Semester Schedule for:

Students accepted in Fall 2019

Students accepted in Spring 2020

Students accepted in Summer 2020

Part-Time Plan of Study:

Part-time Medical Assisting Plan of Study - For those accepted BEFORE fall 2019

Fall 2019 Part-Time Medical Assisting Plan of Study - For those accepted AFTER fall 2019

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