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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy Program Compliance Process
The Respiratory Therapy Program compliance process is comprised of variables in three general areas. These areas are Background Checks, Health Records and Immunizations and Additional Compliance Certifcations. All three areas of the Compliance process are now housed through an online vendor called Certified Background.

Information to Know Before You Start Compliance Process

  1. DO NOT begin the Background Check Process until after your Technical Program Orientation has been completed.
  2. DO NOT set up your Certified Background Account until after your Technical Program Orientation has been completed.
  3. Research the information regarding your Health Immunizations Records and Additional Compliance Certificates. These items you can begin to complete and start to gather prior to your Technical Program Orientation.

The following information is a valuable source of information for you throughout your time in the Respiratory Therapy program. You will want to familiarize yourself with the content on this website and use it as your first resource when looking for answers to your clinical compliance questions. What follows is very detailed information and instructions on how and when compliance requirements need to be met for the Respiratory Therapy Program.

Summary of Initial Due Dates

Due Date
Compliance Item
Start of Program
Allied Health Compliance Orientation
Age Appropriate Care Training
Physical and Immunizations
Background check
Proof of Medical Insurance
Fall Semester 1st year
Mandatory Reporter
Flu Shot
Hospital Orientations
** It is the studentís responsibility to monitor their compliance records and keep them current. Failure to do so can result in a student not being allowed to participate in clinical experiences.

Step #1: Creation of a Certified Background Account
All students will create and pay for their compliance process through Certified Background's online process. You will need to visit to create your account. Students must use the following information when creating their account based on the standard process determined by the Allied Health Department at Kirkwood Community College. The account creation process is standard for all students so we can assist with questions throughout the process.

  1. Students visit to order their program specific package and create their account. Please click the instruction form link on how to create an account with Certified Background.
  2. Students must use their KIRKWOOD STUDENT EMAIL for the email when creating of their accounts.
  3. Students must use their k# with a lowercase k for the password when creating their accounts.
  4. Students must submit payment for these accounts at the time they are set up. Please have a debit or credit card avaliable when you sit down to create your account.

Step #2: Background Check Process
Students are required to go through the completion of the background check as part of the Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Program. Specific steps for the completion of the background check are listed below. Once a student has created their account with Certified Background, they will have 72 hours to complete the background check process. It is important to complete the background check process within 72 hours or you will be timed out and will have to redo the process at an additional cost to you as a student.

  1. Once you have your account created, you will download the Background Check forms which must complete for the Certified Background check process. Please remember that these forms must be completed and returned to Certified Background based on guidelines established. Information on how to return these forms to Certified Background will be provided in the information you download.
  2. A SAMPLE copy of these forms are here for your review.
    Students must submit the Child Abuse Registration form and the Adult Abuse Registration form.
    DO NOT USE THEM AS DOCUMENTS TO SUBMIT. You will receive them in an email after you complete your account.
  3. Instructions on how to submit these completed forms are housed on the instruction forms you receive in your download. It is important that these forms are submitted to Certified Background via FAX or EMAIL provided on the Coversheet within 72 hours of starting the process. We are aware that the forms say return within five business days, but WE ARE TELLING YOU 72 HOURS!

Step #3:
Health Records and Immunizations
Students are required to complete a program physical and provide documentation that several immunizations have been completed prior to going to clinical rotations. Health Physicals and Immunization records must be submitted to Certified Background and will be housed in your student account. The following information will show you want forms need to be completed and how to submit them to Certified Background for completion.

  1. Students must provide three things to complete the Health Records and Immunizations variables for the compliance process. The General Health Physical, Kirkwood Immunization Record and Privacy/Confidentiality Statement must be completed on the form provided in the link above.
  2. Please click the following links to download, print and complete these forms: Health Physical, Immunization Record, Privacy/Confidentiality Statement.
  3. All records on the form must contain the following information: Student's name, student's K#, Students Program, Signature from the health care provider, Clinical Contact Information (address, phone number etc) and Dates the variables were completed. Forms missing one or all of these will not be accepted by Certified Background.
  4. The following link shows you how to meet the requirements for the immunization items on the checklist: ALHS Immunization Chart
  5. Documents are submitted to Certified Background via scan and upload, fax or mail for each variable to Certified Background. If you fax or mail, you must print an independent coversheet for each variable.
  6. All forms must contain your Name, K# and the Program that you are in.
  7. The Fax or Mail Coversheets are housed in the upper-right hand corner of your Document Center portion of your Certified Profile account.

Step #4: Additional Compliance Certifications
Students are required to complete additional compliance certifications based on the program requirements. The following variables are part of the Respiratory Therapy program and must be completed and submitted to Certified Background to complete the process.

Step #5: Print Clinical Compliance Documentation for Clinical Coordinators

  1. Open up and Log into your Certified Profile account at using your email address and password.
  2. On your student profile page, you need to click on Document Center then My Documents.
  3. Click on Clinical requirements KI46 Respiratory Therapy Program.
  4. Click on Results.
  5. Click on download.
  6. Results summary will show up in a PDF file and you can print this page.

Questions? Follow these Steps

  1. Read the Compliance Page again and see if there is anything you missed.
  2. Contact Certified Background by locating the CONTACT US link in your Certified Profile Account or use the Instant Messenger feature.
  3. Contact the Allied Health Department at 319-398-5566 or 2164 Linn Hall.