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Honors Program Committee Mission Statement

To promote original research, creativity, independent thinking, problem solving, innovative applications and academic excellence by providing students an opportunity to do individual projects with faculty members or to take classes with other Honors students.

Committee Responsibilities

  • To oversee and develop Kirkwood Community College's Honors Program.
  • To encourage faculty and student participation in each committee member's respective department.
  • To communicate developments in the Honors Program throughout the college.
  • To administer Kirkwood's annual Honors Project Competition.
Peter Jauhiainen Chair 2015
Jennifer Bradley Dean, Arts and Humanities in perpetuity
David Bullwinkle Arts and Humanities 2014
Jennifer Meehan Brennom Distant Learning 2014
Fred Ochs Math/Science 2014
Robinson Yost Social Science/Career Option 2014
Scott Samuelson Iowa City 2015
Mel Cerveny Allied Health 2015
Steve Wolcott English 2016


Terms of Service
Committee members - Two years (renewable)
Honors chair - Three years (renewable)