1968: Our Cultural Heritage:1800-1860
1969: The Changing Nature of American Society: A Challenge to Government
1970: A Study of Twentieth-Century Drama
1971: Man, A Part of Nature/Man, Apart of Nature
1972: The State of Our Nation: Toward Responsible Contributory Citizenship
1973: Voices of Human Experience, I
1974: Voices of Human Experience, II
1975: Franklin and Jefferson: Apostles in '76
1976: William Faulkner: The Man, His Land, His Legend
1977: Music: The Listeners Art
1978: Man Alive: Can He Survive?
1979: The Brilliant Future of Man: Problem Solving Time
1980: A Time for Truth: America's Need for Governmental Renaissance
1981: Man in Crisis: A Quest for Values
1982: The Short Story: Mirror of Humanity
1983: Signed by the Masters
1984: America, A World-Class Citizen: Image and Reality
1985: Ethics and Today's Media: An Endangered Alliance
1986: The American Dream: Past, Present, and Future
1987: The U.S. Constitution: Assuring Continuity Through Controversy
1988: The Character and Climate of Leadership: Old Frontiers and New Frontiers
1989: The Americas: Distant Neighbors Building Bridges
1990: Civilization at Risk: Challenge of the '90s
1991: The Paradox of Freedom: A Global Dilemma
1992: 1492-1992: The Dynamics of Discovery
1993: Our Complex World: Balancing Unity and Diversity
1994: Science, Humanity, and Technology: Shaping a New Creation
1995: Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities: An Indelicate Balance
1996: The Arts: Landscape of Our Time
1997: Family: Myth, Metaphor, and Reality
1998: The Pursuit of Happiness: Conflicting Visions and Values
1999: The New Millennium: The Past as Prologue
2000: In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life
2001: Customs, Traditions, and Celebrations: The Human Drive for Community
2002-04: Dimensions and Directions of Health: Choices in the Maze
2004-06: Popular Culture: Shaping and Reflecting Who We Are.
2006-08: Gold, Gods, and Glory: The Global Dynamics of Power
2008-10: The Paradox of Affluence: Choices, Challenges, and Consequences
2010-12: The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, and Promise.
2012-13: The Culture of Competition
2014-16: Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration
2016-18: How the World Works: Global Perspectives
2018-20: Transformations: Acknowledging, Assessing and Achieving Change