The Academic Affairs division consists of dedicated deans, directors, department coordinators, faculty and support staff responsible for and committed to excellence in learning and teaching. 

Every April, the Academic Affairs department hosts an Outstanding Student Reception. The student nominees are selected by the faculty members based on exceptional academic performance, completion of at least half of their coursework toward a degree, enrollment during the current fall and/or spring terms of the award, and their qualities of character and leadership.  The Award Ceremony is open to award winners and family members as well as faculty from all divisions.  Graduating students are encouraged to wear their award medallion to Commencement in recognition of this achievement.

At the end of every term, Academic Affairs compiles the dean’s list. To qualify, a student must have completed 12 credit hours of graded coursework and achieved a grade point average of 3.3 or higher. A minimum of six graded credit hours must be earned in the term of the award. Students named to the dean’s list will receive a congratulatory postcard, their name will be sent to the newspaper associated with their preferred address, and a notation will be added to their transcript, at the end of every term they are on the Dean’s List.  

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