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Criminal Justice A.S.

Liberal Arts - Criminal Justice Transfer
Students planning to pursue a Criminal Justice degree at a four-year institution follow the Liberal Arts program requirements while at Kirkwood, completing general education and elective courses that prepare them for transfer.

Academic Advising: By working with your Criminal Justice advisor, you can select courses that will meet the requirement of your transfer institution, such as foreign language, laboratory science, diversity and grade point average.

Support from the Department: Social Sciences department faculty and staff members are available to discuss courses and areas of concentration as they relate to your transfer degree.

Scholarships: There are numerous scholarships available specifically for students pursuing a Liberal Arts degree from Kirkwood's Social Sciences department.  To view the process, click here.

Transfer Plan: To transfer to a four-year college or university and major in an education-related degree, complete the Kirkwood Liberal Arts A.A. degree.  Fulfilling electives with credits in Criminal Justice-related courses provides opportunities to explore the discipline of Criminal Justice, build your resume and prepare for transfer.  To view the plan, click here.

For more information, contact:
Mike Penrod, Program Coordinator
1020 Cedar Hall

Angela Gillis, Department Coordinator
1010 Cedar Hall

Advising and Transfer Center - Cedar Rapids Main Campus
108 Iowa Hall