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Liberal Arts – Religious Studies Transfer
Students planning to pursue a Religious Studies degree at a four-year institution follow the Liberal Arts program requirements while at Kirkwood, completing general education and elective courses that prepare them for transfer. Religious Studies courses can apply toward humanities and elective requirements needed for the Associate of Arts degree.
Academic Advising: Students interested in studying Religion work with the Advising and Transfer Center staff for course selection. Kirkwood has articulation agreements with all three state universities and many other four-year institutions in the state, including a 2+2 agreement with the University of Iowa. It is recommended that you work closely with your advisor to ensure that you are aware of specific requirements for the institution you will attend, such as foreign language, laboratory science, diversity and grade point average.

Support from the Department: The Arts and Humanities department faculty and staff are available to discuss specific courses, independent study and honors projects. 

Scholarships: There are scholarships available through the Kirkwood Foundation.  Recipients are chosen through the Kirkwood Scholarships process. To view the process, click here.
Transfer Plan: To transfer to a four-year college or university and major in Religious Studies there, complete the Kirkwood Liberal Arts A.A. degree. Fulfilling electives with credits in religious and cultural studies provides opportunities to explore the discipline of Religion, build your resume and prepare to transfer. To view the plan, click here.
For more information contact:
Matt Hagele, Ph.D., Religious Studies professor
330 Nielsen Hall
319-398-5899 ext. 5426 |

Peter Jauhiainen, Ph.D., Religious Studies professor
330 Nielsen Hall
319-398-5899 ext. 5709 |

Jennifer Cunningham, department coordinator
336 Cedar Hall
319-398-4956 |

Jennifer Bradley, Ph.D., Arts and Humanities dean
339 Cedar Hall
319-398-5537 |

Advising and Transfer Center - Cedar Rapids Main Campus
108 Iowa Hall
319-398-5540 |

Student Services - Iowa City Campus
112 Credit Center