Start Here. Go Anywhere!
More than a motto, Start here. Go Anywhere! is the true definition of education at Kirkwood. What are your educational goals? Where do you want to go? Do you want one year of specialized training, a two-year or four-year degree? Kirkwood offers something for everyone, no matter your final destination.

Two-year Liberal Arts Transfer Degrees
Interested in earning a bachelor’s degree, or maybe even more? Kirkwood’s Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are built around a liberal arts curriculum designed to transfer to four-year schools. Our liberal arts curriculum covers general education requirements, so you arrive at your chosen four-year school as a junior.

Two-year Career or Technical Degrees
Do you want an associate’s degree in a specific career area? Kirkwood’s Associate of Applied Science degree uses hands-on instruction to prepare you for specialized technical careers. We maintain special transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities for many of our applied science programs. If you’re interested in transferring your applied science degree and want to make sure all your Kirkwood credits transfer, you should begin by discussing the program with your chosen four-year institution. You also can discuss specific transfer requirements with your academic advisor, and department and program coordinators.

One-year Specialized Training
Would you rather start working and not spend a lot of time in school? Kirkwood offers certificate and diploma programs that provide real world experience in a skilled trade in as little as nine months to one year. If you earn a certificate or diploma through Kirkwood, you can enter the workforce with an upper hand on those without specialized training. And, if you choose to further your education at a later date, many of our certificate and diploma programs transfer to two-year degree programs.