Humanities is a multidisciplinary field of study that is so broad its disciplines aren’t housed in just one department. The Humanities include studies in art, music, theatre, foreign languages, philosophy, anthropology and religion. The Kirkwood Humanities faculty are ready to help you develop a new appreciation for the Humanities.

Students enrolled in the Liberal Arts program complete general education and elective courses that prepare them for transfer and allow them to sample a variety of courses before choosing a major. Students wishing to transfer to a four-year school and major in Humanities can take related course work at Kirkwood as part of a Liberal Arts program. Humanities courses can be taken as Humanities, History/Culture or elective credits as part of the Liberal Arts program core requirements.

As a Kirkwood student, you will work closely with your advisor to determine which humanities courses are appropriate for you and your transfer college choice. Check EagleNet to see which humanities course offerings.

Three interdisciplinary Humanities courses are unique to Kirkwood:

Encounters in Humanities
Working in America
Culture and Technology

Another field of study in the Humanities is Anthropology. Anthropology is a discipline that incorporates the findings of many other areas of study to more fully explore the human condition. In fact, it is the breadth and depth of Anthropology that makes the discipline a unique field.

Kirkwood Community College is proud to be an institutional member of the Community College Humanities Association.

For more information contact:
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