Communication. We do it every day. But, have you ever considered communication's importance to your personal and financial success? Effective speaking, listening and group interaction skills are tantamount to college and future career success. Kirkwood's Arts and Humanities department offers general education and elective courses to help you develop and refine your communication skills, and we're ready to help you develop your interpersonal, group, public speaking and listening skills. 

English courses help students to think critically, read carefully and write clearly, as well as encourage imaginative problem-solving, creativity and effective communication. Cultures often express issues, values and aspirations through literature, language and writing. Studying literature expands students' awareness of the significant attitudes and beliefs that shape the world today.

Students wishing to transfer to a four-year school and major in Communication can take related course work at Kirkwood as part of a Liberal Arts degree. Students enrolled in Liberal Arts complete general education and elective courses that prepare them for transfer and allow them to sample a variety of courses before choosing a major. 

Communication courses are part of the Liberal Arts core requirements for writing and speech. Additional courses can be taken for elective credits in the degree. Check with your intended transfer school or the Advising and Transfer Center prior to registering for those courses.

For more information regarding Communication courses contact:
Arts & Humanities Department
336 Cedar Hall

For more information regarding writing courses contact:
English Department
3051 Cedar Hall