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The Entrepreneurship certificate is part of the Management associate's degree program. The certificate consists of four blended-learning courses designed to teach students how to research, develop and write detailed start-up business plans, which can be used to create successful businesses. The blended-learning environment provides a dynamic, interactive experience that combines the flexibility of Internet-based e-learning with the benefits of face-to-face instruction.

The certificate consists of four courses: Principles of Supervision, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Principles of Marketing. These courses center on testing feasibility, the marketing plan, financial management and accounting, and building a successful business plan. Students gain the knowledge, skills, concepts and strategies relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs. The practical, hands-on approach encourages students to immerse themselves in the vision, research and planning aspects of a new venture.

Students experience all aspects of planning a new venture from determining their personal vision to conducting market analysis to testing financial feasibility, drawing from the whole spectrum of business and management. The Entrepreneurship certificate demonstrates why good planning leads to successful business performance. Students gain insight in how the various pieces of the businessís puzzle fit together and why the different aspects need to be managed in harmony for the venture to operate successfully.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for the other three courses required for the certificate. Refer to EagleNet, your advisor or contact the Business and Information Technology Department for course availability.

Certificate Advisor
M.J. Klemme
129 Nielsen Hall