Here is an index guide to the Kirkwod faculty websites. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Not all faculty members have a website. For additional contact information, please visit the Kirkwood online directory.

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Rix, Jane Ann International Programs
Rosene, Connie Social Sciences
Sagan, Nick Math/Science
Schlueter, Dr. Renée English
Schultz, Kimberly Business and Information Technology
Sheller, Cathleen (Cate) Math/Science
Smith, Conifer Arts & Humanities
Smith, Debbie Benton County Center
Snyder, Jean Social Sciences
Spicher, Steven Benton County Center
Stark, Sam Industrial Technologies
Steffen, Kelly Benton County Center
Studer, Brent Iowa City Campus
Suiter, Jeremy Benton County Center
Sutton, William (Bill) Benton County Center
Swart, Kory M. Math/Science
Talbott, Carrie Benton County Center
Taylor, Marianne English
Tieskoetter, Timothy EagleTech
Tran, Sanh Distance Learning
Trepka, Jim Industrial Technologies
Trotter, George Industrial Technologies