Link to Kirkwood Community College

Here is an index guide to the Kirkwod faculty Web sites. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Not all faculty members have a Web site. For additional contact information please visit the Kirkwood online directory.

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Maas, Liz Iowa City Campus
Marberry, Dr. Constance Iowa City Campus
Matt, Lukemyres EagleTech
McCarthy, Elizabeth Business and Information Technology
McCord, Chris Arts & Humanities
McMenimen, Jean Social Sciences
Mekies, Saul Iowa City Campus
Miller, Dr. Eric Iowa City Campus
Murdock, Kristi Agricultural Science
Nalley, Ann Distance Learning
Owen, Dr. Steve Social Sciences
Patterson, Ben College Credit in High School
Perkhounkov, Andrei Iowa City Campus
Peterka, Alan Distance Learning
Petersen, Greg Math/Science
Petrova, Olga Iowa City Campus
Philpott, Bev Allied Health
Popenhagen, Ellen College Credit in High School
Price, Steve English