Here is an index guide to the Kirkwod faculty websites. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Not all faculty members have a website. For additional contact information, please visit the Kirkwood online directory.

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Ackman, DVM, Randy Agricultural Science
Adkins, Ron KCCK-FM
Ahlers, Katherine Workplace Learning Connection
Arnold, Tim Industrial Technologies
Baum, Lisa KCCK-FM
Beebe, Marilyn Distance Learning
Bohr, Jacolyn The Hotel at Kirkwood Center
Brown, Jan Benton County Center
Carson, Laura KCCK-FM
Chapman, Michael Heritage Area Agency on Aging
Chyma, Cynthia Benton County Center
Cochran, Cindy Iowa City Campus
Cochran, Jim Iowa City Campus
Collier, Michelle KCCK-FM
Conklin, Eric Agricultural Science
Deerberg, Lois Benton County Center
Dehner, Ryan International Programs
DeMaria, Joseph Kirkwood Regional Center at the U of I
Doyle, Tia Iowa City Campus