Link to Kirkwood Community College

Here is an index guide to the Kirkwod faculty Web sites. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Not all faculty members have a Web site. For additional contact information please visit the Kirkwood online directory.

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Ackman, DVM, Randy Agricultural Science
Adkins Robinson, Peg Social Sciences
Allman, Steve College Credit in High School
Alsaker, Nicole Nursing
Amsler, Tony Distance Learning
Andreesen, Jan College Credit in High School
Beebe, Marilyn Distance Learning
Bensema, Brenda Math/Science
Brase, Terry Agricultural Science
Brigham, Jeremy Dr. Social Sciences
Cahalan, Mike Distance Learning
Carson, Laura EagleTech
Chvala, Aric College Credit in High School
Chyma, Cynthia College Credit in High School
Cochran, Cindy Iowa City Campus
Cochran, Jim Iowa City Campus
Conklin, Eric Agricultural Science
Curphy, Joshua Nursing
Deerberg, Lois College Credit in High School
DeMaria, Joseph Iowa City Campus
Doyle, Tia Iowa City Campus
Dvorak, Chelsea Nursing