Kirkwood Project Plans

Objective 3: Learning Outcomes

Restructuring of Assessment

Kirkwood Objective: Move assessment of learning to a valued and routinely practiced activity at the college


  • Administrators and faculty will restructure the assessment of learning processes to provide the resources needed to develop and support assessment plans and processes within and between departments 


  • Academic Assessment Team
  • Offices of Institutional and Academic Research
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee
  • Curriculum and Instruction Committee
  • Career Program Review Committee
  • Learning Technology Initiative
  • Deans and faculty

How will this improve learning? 

  • A more efficient, routinely practiced process will reinforce the value of assessment of student learning
  • Faculty, as learners, will be provided with opportunities to improve their skills in creating tools to assess student learning, and these skills will result in better assessment practices in the future

How will we know? 

  • Faculty will be periodically surveyed to determine changes in the level of involvement in learning assessment
  • Reorganization will be reviewed annually to determine if additional changes are necessary to accomplish to goal of moving assessment of learning to a valued and routinely practiced activity

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