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Iowa City Campus



Like students at the main campus in Cedar Rapids, Kirkwood students at the Iowa City campus do not live in campus housing.  Instead, all students have the freedom to choose from a variety of apartments in the area that suites their needs and budget.  

Interested in attending the Iowa City Kirkwood campus or just interested in living in Iowa City? If so, here is some information you might find useful!  We have compiled a list of complexes near campus to help point students and parents in the right direction when apartment hunting.

- Check out the options availiable in Iowa City by clicking here!  This list has been provided by Admissions/Student Life to aid those who are in need of housing. Prices and terms are subject to change.  

- There are also housing options posted online at the University of Iowa website (

  Nick Borders is the Director of Student Services for the Iowa City campus.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to call the Iowa City Student Life Office in Iowa City at 319-887-3977 for more information.