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A college without dorms? That's right, you won't find a single dormitory on Kirkwood's campus. However, nearly 4,000 Kirkwood students are able to live in privately-owned housing adjacent to the main campus. Moving away from home and living with someone new is a big, and sometimes scary, part of the college experience.  The apartments offer the space and privacy that typical dorms can not, with the convenience and security of being close to campus. Each apartment complex has a great working relationship with Kirkwood.

Sammy the Eagle helping a student & her dad carry a mattress during move in's!

Do you need help finding a roommate?  With individual leases, you aren't obligated to find a roommate, you can be matched up with other students by each apartment complex! You can also join the Facebook Group named "Kirkwood Roommate Finder" is to help connect with possible roommates.  

Make sure to contact your new roommate to introduce yourself and cover the “who’s bringing what” subject, monthly bill payments, a cleaning schedule, and other apartment responsibilities right away. Who knows, the future best man or maid of honor in your wedding may be out there...or at least someone that won't eat your food or wear your clothes all the time!

Most complexes are within walking distance and if you don't bring a car you can ride the bus.  Kirkwood Students ride Cedar Rapids bus route 7 and 11 for free!  Check out the map and schedule on the Free Ride page. 

Take a few minutes to explore your choices on the Near Campus Apartments Link.  If you'd like a tour, contact Sharon to set up an appointment.  Our Staff wishes you the best of luck apartment hunting! 

Check out Kirkwood's Student Life for more information on things to do and programs to get involved with on campus!

Sammy helping a dad move in his son.