Welcome to the Kirkwood - Iowa City chapter of the

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.

What are we all about?

Scholarship It's your grades that get you here, but there is more to learning than grades! From Kirkwood Honors Projects to the USAToday Case Study Challenge, we're here to help expand your learning outside the classroom. We're also here to help you find scholarships to pay for your education.
Fellowship Picnics, bake sales, regional trainings, and international meetings are all designed to provide opportunities for fellowship with other honors students and other activities help us built partnerships within the Iowa City community.
Service We're a group dedicated to helping out our school and community in a variety of ways: fundraising, tutoring, muscle - we've done it all and are always looking for more opportunities to get involved.
Leadership We provide practical training for future leaders! Become an officer or direct a specific project for our school or community. Leadership opportunities abound since we're here to support what you're already doing.

What's going on?

Next meetings: For all members or interested people  


 See our bulletin board outside the library

early September  11:15 
Information meeting for new members and a chance to develop some spring activities


Upcoming Activities:
  Fall HONORS PROGRAM REGISTRATIONhttps://www.kirkwood.edu/_admin/site3/page_edit2.php?id=17052

    The registration deadline for the Honors Program is Friday, Sept 20. Now is the time  to begin talking to faculty memebers if you are interested in undertaking an honors project this semester. Honors projects are one credit hour independent studies that allow honors students to work closely with a faculty mentor. The credit is paid for by the Kirkwood Foundation, and successful completion may qualify you to take a free course at Mt. Mercy University or Coe College.  Students generally must have a 3.4 GPA at Kirkwood to qualify. In order to register, students must submit a completed learning contract and short paragraph description of the project to the Honors Program chair, Peter Jauhiainen (Arts & Humanities, 336 CH) for approval. Then the student must take a completed "Add Form" to the Iowa City front dek to register for the course. For more information, consult the Honors Program site at www.kirkwood.edu/honorsprogram , contact Peter Jauhiainen in 330 Nielsen Hall or at ext. 5709, of come talk to Cindy Cochran or Josh Madsen in Iowa City

Also...see the Terry Moran Honors Scholarship listing below.


Scholarship Deadlines

Terry Moran Honors Scholarship

 The Kirkwood Honors Program Committee would like to alert you to an exciting scholarship opportunity for honors students.  Currently enrolled Kirkwood students who have successfully completed an honors project or who sign up for an honors project in the 2012 spring semester can apply for one of two $750 scholarships funded by the Terry Moran Endowed Scholarship Fund from the Kirkwood Foundation.  To apply for the scholarship, students must submit a 200-300 word statement describing their educational goals, any special financial circumstances they have overcome and still face, and why they believe they deserve a scholarship to Peter Jauhiainen at peter.jauhiainen@kirkwood.edu.  The application deadline is mid Friday Sept 27.

All-Iowa  All-USA/Coca Cola Scholarship Competition
applictions usually available in October, due in Early November, Nominees selected before Thanksgiving.

March 31, 2012  Kirkwood Foundation Scholarships 

University of Iowa Transfer Scholarships - various deadlines starting March 1

Iowa State University Transfer scholarships - various deadlines starting March 1

University of Northern Iowa Transfer Student Page

Contact me for more details about any of these scholarship opportunities!