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Blue Permit Parking stickers may be purchased at the cashier's desk in Business Services, 2nd floor, Kirkwood Hall. The sticker is to be applied on the rear window of your vehicle on the left side.

Employees are to park only in blue permit lots if driving a vehicle with a blue permit sticker. If for some reason you drive a different vehicle than normal and it does not have a blue permit sticker, do not park in a blue permit lot or you will receive a ticket and will be expected to pay for it.

Employees are not allowed to purchase blue permit stickers for spouses, children or friends that are students at Kirkwood. Students are not allowed blue permits even though they may be part-time or work-study.

Blue permit parking does not allow parking in visitor or handicap parking, on the grass or in maintenance and loading zone areas.

Employees will be treated the same as students and can go through the appeals process just as students do.