Vision Process



The Skills-to-Employment Division is an integral component and prominent player in addressing the rapidly growing workforce needs of the business and community.  Stakeholders include businesses, Kirkwood employees, taxpayers, human service agencies, clients, and learners.  The client base and community partners are diverse.  We benefit from relationships and partnerships we have with businesses, human service agencies, and other educational institutions.  We embrace our commitment to those we serve through providing opportunities for skills enrichment.  We act as a workforce liaison with partner businesses for potential employees.  We value our commitment to the individuals we serve, the integrity by which we deliver our services, a solid foundation of knowledge, and the flexibility and proactive nature that exists within the division. 


As a result of these efforts we positively impact and produce value for our community through:  reduced unemployment, continued business growth, increased work-ready applicants for the region, higher skilled workforce in the region, and increased wages for our clients.  We are known as a resource in the community that creates long-term impact and a return-on-investment for the stakeholders.  We enhance the lives of our clients by being personal success coaches that improve the self-image, behaviors, attitudes, and skills of our clients. 


We compete by combining fee-for-service with income-eligible services.  We have become a renowned provider of placement services, outplacement services, pre-employment training programs, and industry sector initiatives.  We are known for our attention to the client and for exemplary customer service.



As a division we assess community workforce needs and trends on an ongoing basis.  We do this by gathering input from our stakeholders and partners.  A yearly strategic work plan is developed and this plan aligns with the needs and trends of the region.  This plan includes opportunities for customized training and pre-employment skills training programs that match the workforce needs of the region. 


Communication is a priority among the employees of the division and with our stakeholders.  We dialogue with businesses on a routine basis and utilize a variety of technologies to communicate both internally and externally.   We work closely with Kirkwood divisions that provide counseling and business outreach services utilizing all resources effectively.


In our division, we operate through flexible schedules and remote office locations to be available to our stakeholders anytime/anywhere.  We are all leaders and make it a priority to invest in our professional development training.  We take great pride in the mentoring, cross-training, risk-taking and opportunities that exist within our team.  Staff training is determined by staff surveys.  Personal professional development plans and goals are written by team members and supported and implemented by their supervisor.


We are an energetic team that continuously seeks methods to sustain motivation.  It is a division that consistently acknowledges and rewards success.  The team is empowered by owning results, setting goals, and being driven by performance.



We are committed to all generations that we serve and to fulfilling the college’s vision and mission and the mission of the programs we operate.  We are fiscally stable and are sound financial stewards of the federal and state monies we administer.  The division is committed to performance measures and responsive to constituent needs and feedback.  We are creative and innovative at seeking and acquiring additional financial and technological resources for the division in both good and bad times.  We accept responsibility for our results through income and performance measures and we invest in training to assist in meeting these outcomes.



We work in an environment that values accountability, team support, positive attitudes, and information sharing. We communicate openly and honestly internally and externally.  Our staff is well informed.  We seek out the talents of our staff to meet our performance measures.  Our partnerships allow us the opportunity to be innovative and to adequately serve our stakeholders.  The division is supported and respected by the community due to the success stories and recognition of our stakeholders.



Achievement of outcomes is driven internally as well as externally.  We exceed the performance requirements designed by our funding sources related to job retention, job placement, skills attainment, earnings change, and average cost per participant.  We design, measure and meet internal performance measures through team involvement focusing on quality, customer service, service delivery, teamwork, financial accountability, partnerships and enrollment.  Because of our performance we are recognized and provide input to state and federal policies, rules, and performance measures.