Network and System Administration
2-year AAS degree

Network and system administrators work in a fast-paced and challenging area of technology that designs, builds, integrates, maintains, and secures local area networks.  They design and support server systems and related software, as well as provide end-user support for all LAN-based applications.  After completing a common course of study for the first three semesters, Network and System Administration majors will choose from among three specialty areas to match individual interests and employment availability.  These areas of specialization are Network Administration, System Administration, and Security/Virtualization.

Network and System Administration
Network Security

Students in this program may be eligible to have half their tuition paid for by the Kibbie Grant.

Network and System Administration



Students will specialize in LAN and WAN infrastructure including wireless, desktop systems, and protocol suites. 
Students will specialize in server hardware and software, directory services, scripting, and storage management.

Students will specialize in system firewalls, secure group policy, access control lists, information and management with disaster recover, virtual network design and implementation, and virtual switching and routing.

In addition to training for the specialization, this program also focuses on communication skills, professionalism, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and life-long learning that are essential for success in the workplace and in life.

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