Medical Laboratory Technology
2-year AAS degree

Medical Laboratory Technology, offered in affiliation with Hawkeye Community College, is no longer accepting new students. Courses for this program will not be offered on Kirkwood’s campus after spring 2016. New students and non-cohort students still interested in pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology are encouraged to contact Hawkeye or another community college offering this program. Those students currently in the program can expect continued advising and financial aid through Kirkwood Community College for the current school year (fall 2015 – summer 2016). Additional information has been sent out to students who have previously indicated interest and to those students currently enrolled in the technical courses.

Medical Laboratory Technology


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The Medical Laboratory Technology program prepares students with entry-level skills in clinical laboratory science. Students learn complex laboratory procedures with limited supervision. They will use a number of instruments in the laboratory for sterilizing, analyzing and testing, and will handle test slides and fragile equipment. Students will use math to make solutions or to record test results, and use laboratory computer systems in some settings. Students will need to keep the laboratory clean and well-organized.

Kirkwood Community College is an academic affiliate with the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Hawkeye Community College. Students must complete requirements for admission at both Kirkwood Community College and Hawkeye Community College.

Students will train in a 24-week hospital laboratory assignment. Graduates are awarded an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from Hawkeye Community College and are eligible for the Board of Registry by American Society of Clinical Pathology Exam and National Credentialing Agency Exam for Laboratory Personnel.

Students will be able to take general education classes at Kirkwood. Some Medical Laboratory Technology classes will be over the Iowa Communications Network and can be taken at Kirkwood. This program starts each fall. Clinics may be arranged locally.

Medical Laboratory Technology

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