Effective for the start of FA09 classes, we are working on changes to the student experience on Kirkwood computers. Currently and in the past, we have used generic logins for all of the student use computers on Campus. The new process will have students log onto the computers with their own k#. This will accomplish several objectives.

1) Through the use of Roaming profiles, students will have a small amount of storage for documents they are working on. For example, if a student uses one computer in a classroom and starts a document, they will be able to later log onto a computer in the open lab, and complete the document. They will in essence be able to store their "works-in-progess on the network". Once completed, they can submit their work to their instructors, or save their work to their USB drives for their own archival. They won't have enough space to save all of their coursework for an entire semester, since this isn't meant for long term storage, just for short term convenience.

2) We will begin tracking each student's print usage. Similar to other Colleges, Students will be credited with a certain amount of free printing, and once used up, the system will track their overages. While we won't be billing the students for their overages in the Fall semester, we do plan on billing starting with the SP10 term. This will allow us time to work out all of the details, and give us great data as to appropriate usage and credit amounts for the different coursework and instruction programs on campus. This process is not being put into place to generate revenue, but is being implemented to bring awareness to cost and conservation, and to begin shaping improved printing behavior. For details click on the Student Print Quota link in the upper right section of this page.

As soon as we are ready to implement, you will notice that all Kirkwood computers will be “blanking” out the previously logged in user. At this point, Faculty, Staff, and Students will be required to log into these computers as themselves, with their own k# and password. (Faculty and Staff are already doing this on their own workstation.) We will be disabling the generic login id’s at this point.

The following are areas where we won't require the students to log into the computers as themselves:

     * The Testing Centers      * Hallway and Library Kiosks    * Main Campus Midi-Lab

     * Enrollment Services Lobby    * Assistive Technology Center     

     * Bookstore Kiosks     * Communique     * KSP     * PrairieWood

     * Business/IT classroom computers that don't currently log into the Kirkwood domain

If you can't login, and the domain says "Kirkwood", the most likely cause is that your k# and password combination is invalid. You may change or reset your password by clicking on the Change/Reset Password link in the upper right section of this page.