Learning and Development is a central force
integrated with Kirkwood's mission, vision and values.

Lifelong Learning is part of the higher education landscape. As a leader of learning, Kirkwood employees engage in cultural behaviors and beliefs.

Be learner-driven to motivate self-growth.

Develop a strengths-based mindset to positively engage work, colleagues, students and community.

Realize personalized-learning to meet learning needs through a customized approach.

Understand competency-based learning is to chart progress toward future growth.

Practice active learning to engage your entire body and mind in the learning process.

Join in collaborative learning spaces as an environment to learn.

Experience blended learning to combine online and face-to-face learning opportunities.

Appreciate coaching and mentoring as essential to the feedback process.

Share with others to realize new insights, broaden understanding, and widen possibilities.

Build a personalized learning and talent network to expand opportunities for learning.