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Finding the right roommate(s) is often the key ingredient to your housing experience.  We have a few helpful options to guide you through this process.
Kirkwood has a new and exciting online option for roommate matching.  With RoomSync, students create a profile through Facebook and answer a few simple lifestyle questions.  Finding a roommate has never been easier – it’s fast – it’s safe – and it might introduce you to your new best friend!  Create your profile today to meet the hundreds of future Kirkwood students who have already created their profile.  
Create your RoomSync profile TODAY by clicking here!
Roommate Matching Day
The date has already passed for 2017 and the date for 2018 is to be announced.

Think of this event as speed dating for roommates - a great chance to meet other future students coming to Kirkwood next fall.  The goal is to introduce you to as many other students as possible with some guided questions and activities.  You never know, you might just walk away knowing your future roommate (70% of students who attended last year did!).  
Apartment Complex Matching
Each apartment complex also does roommate matching.  For specific information, contact the specific complex you are looking at and ask how they match students.
Already have a roommate in mind?
If you already have a roommate(s) in mind, that’s great.  Just talk to the selected apartment complex on the specifics to make sure things are all set.
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