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Renting an apartment near campus is a lot like renting an apartment anywhere.  Although Kirkwood does not own or manage the apartments, we work closely with the owners and managers to make the process as smooth as possible.  

- All of the apartments around Kirkwood have a convenient individual lease option where students sign a separate lease from their roommates. 

- Renter's insurance is highly recommended as students will be responsible for their apartment.  Renters insurance is very inexpensive but can save students and parents thousands in an emergency.

Further correspondence, including check-in and move-in information, will be directed by the apartment management company.

Application process:

  1. If possible, make arrangements to view the complex (or complexes) you are interested in. A great way to see a number of the complexes is by attending a TGIF visit day.
  2. Pick the apartment complex that you like best or that best meets your needs. You can get more info. on each apartment by clicking Select a Housing Complex.
  3. Get an application for that complex. Contact the apartment complex directly, or print one off the housing website.  
  4. Return the application, along with the security deposit and application fee directly to the apartment complex management for approval.