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Here at Kirkwood we do not own our housing or dormitories, but we do work closely with privately-own apartment complexes that houses over 2,500 Kirkwood Students every year. These apartment complexes are all within walking distance to campus or a quick bike ride down the street! The apartments offer both space and privacy, as well as a friendly atmosphere that enhances the college experience of our students. Each apartment complex has a great working relationship with Kirkwood to maintain that connection between the college and the housing options near campus.

To start your housing search take a look at the links on the right hand side. The Apartment Options tab will give you options of where to look and the Application Process will help you get started. Need a roommate? No worries, the Roommate Information tab on the side will show you how to find a roommate! If you are attending in the fall: below is our current housing availability for preferred student housing. For further questions on other apartment complex options feel free to contact our office!

Still looking for housing or did you change your mind about living near campus?

There is limited availability, but if you contact the apartment complexes directly you can see if their is available spots. Also, to find an apartment to sublease click here.

Questions? Call or make an appointment. Contact Shelby Crist in the Housing Office at 319-398-7647.