Welcome to Kirkwood Maps!

Please check out the mapping pages that are offered here, courtesy of the Facilities Department.  Links are to the right.

The Campus Map site offers an interactive way for the students or visitors to find a named building on campus.   Just click on the search icon enter the building name.  The map will highlight the name with a dark circle.  We will soon add an amenities map, so visitors can find elevators, changing tables, etc.

The Facilities site is to assist facilities' staff carry out their work. The site includes the location of campus utilities, and updated attributes.   There is a location map available for non-Kirkwood workers needing campus information.

The Horticulture site is for students in the horticulture program who need to locate and identify trees for class.  These maps are also available to the public.  In the works are maps of nIowa native trees on campus, with links for more information, and some hiking trails with marked trees. 

Coming Soon!  We are working on an Amenity / Accessibility Map.  This will include practical items such as the location of restrooms, and water bottle fill stations.  For those in need of accessible sites, the map will include elevators, automatic doors, as well as warnings on sidewalk slopes.

More maps are to come, so please come back often.
These maps were made for by Kirkwood Community College's Facilities Department for their usage, and are being shared with the public.