Dental Assisting

The Kirkwood Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Course is designed so you can obtain your EFDA certificate without leaving your dental office. Coursework is done through directed text readings along with evaluation measures and completion of clinical skills within your office. You will be assigned an instructor who will oversee your progress within the course.

Students enrolled in the course are given six months to complete the readings, evaluation measures and clinical skills. Online quizzes assist students to obtain information needed to pass a required post-assessment.

Students will be required to attend an orientation session at Kirkwood. Alternative orientation options will be considered for those a great distance from Kirkwood's main campus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Contact Laura Daman at laura.daman@kirkwood.edu.  

Once you are registered and know you instructor's name you can contact them directly.

Pam Hanson
2164 Linn Hall

Jane Slach
398-5899 x4033
2164 Linn Hall

For students currently enrolled, who are ready to take the pre- or post-assesment, click on the "How to Test on Perception" link to the right. It will explain the process and identify the Test Center's hours. If you are taking your exam at a site other than Kirkwood's main campus you need to contact that site to set up a time to take the exam. If you do not pass the pre- or post-assessment, contact your instructor as soon as possible and review the information again before retaking. Students are allowed retakes on exams.

Please make sure your instructor has an e-mail address of yours that is checked frequently. Most communication will be done through e-mail.

Go to the Perception portal to log in for quizzes.

Clinical documentation must be submitted to Laura Daman in Continuing Education.  If you have any questions regarding submission of the documentation, read the information discussed in the Course Information link. If you still have not found the answer, her e-mail address is laura.daman@kirkwood.edu.