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To coach K-12 school-sponsored athletics in Iowa, you must be certified. Kirkwood offers courses that meet the state of Iowa requirements for coaching authorization certification as well as recertification.

NEW, online state-approved coaching authorization program now available!

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The coaching authorization is open to all qualified persons, 18 years of age or older, who have completed the above course work. The coaching endorsement is available only to teachers and is added to a current initial, standard or master educator teaching license. To get the coaching endorsement, teachers must take the above course work for at least the minimum number of semester hours of college credit. The process for the license to process at the state, takes roughly 6 to 8 weeks.

Need a transcript showing the coaching programs you have attended at Kirkwood? Just call 319-398-5529 or 800-332-8833 and you'll be able to request a transcript.

For more information, call 319-398-1022 or e-mail