Liberal Arts:
College Transfer

Now is the time to explore your interests, discover your hidden talents and connect to your unlimited possibilities. At Kirkwood, you’ll find world-class instructors and small class sizes for half the cost of other colleges.

Plus, our credits transfer to just about any four-year university in the nation. In fact, Kirkwood students have gone on to four-year schools in all 50 states.

If you plan to get started at Kirkwood, then transfer to a four-year school, you have a lot of options.

Liberal Arts: Four-Year College Transfer

Depending on where you want to transfer and what you want to study, you could earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Sciences degree in Liberal Arts, or take only the credits you need to transfer. You can even earn some degrees completely online.



Kirkwood’s four Liberal Arts departments provide a framework for students to explore. Deepen your knowledge in one select area, or take courses from more than one area and discover a new field of study.

Arts and Humanities
Explore community and world cultures through art, music, philosophy, film history, religion, anthropology, communications, theatre and world languages. Learn a new language and develop critical and creative thinking skills. Take your creative flair to a new level! Shine in our award-winning music groups, star in a large-scale theatre production or showcase your talents in our art gallery.

Study special literary topics or check out our creative writing, technical writing or publishing courses. Be published in the Cedar Valley Divide, our annual student literary and artwork collection. Fulfill your communications and core humanities requirements.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Develop your observation, data collection, experimentation and communication skills to solve specific problems related to science, economics, business and many other disciplines. Kirkwood is one of only two community colleges with transferable engineering and computer science courses in Iowa. Utilize our state-of-the-art science labs. Explore to find transfer plans developed with eight four-year colleges.

Social Sciences
Analyze human behavior, conduct research and interpret the results from many different angles. Get published in the Communique student newspaper or gain experience in news broadcasting with Kirkwood Student Productions. Volunteer in meaningful community improvements through Kirkwood’s Service Learning projects.





These degrees are generally considered “transfer level” degrees, which means most students who earn them transfer to a four year college or university and get a bachelor’s degree. Because different colleges have different requirements, you should work with both your transfer institution and a Kirkwood advisor to choose the right classes.

If you plan to continue your education after Kirkwood, you can take the necessary electives and core courses you need through our Liberal Arts program before your transfer.

The following programs of study are Liberal Arts transfer options. Depending upon your transfer institution and your career interest area, you may earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts, or you may take only the credits you need to transfer.

Attending another college or just picking up a few classes? Click here.

Liberal Arts -
Associate of Arts (A.A.)

We can help you transfer your A.A. degree
and major in many areas including:

Liberal Arts -
Associate of Science (A.S.)

We can help you transfer your A.S. degree
and major in many areas including:



Study Abroad



Expand your horizons by stepping outside the conventional college environment! Kirkwood students have the opportunity to travel to countries around the globe accompanied by experienced Kirkwood faculty for a global learning experience. Scholarships are also available.

Click here for a list of current countries.






Push your academic boundaries, work closely with faculty in your career field and be more attractive to selective four-year schools. If you quality, you will work with a faculty member to develop a one-credit-hour honors project. The topic of your honors project is left open to inspire creativity in you and your advisor, as well as to allow for adaptation to a variety of disciplines.



Phi Theta Kappa


Kirkwood has an active chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the largest honor society in American higher education. To be eligible for membership a student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of associate degree course work and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Part- and full-time students are eligible for membership.




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Contact Kirkwood’s county locations individually for advising information.

Kirkwood advisors help students with their academic futures, from developing an academic plan to choosing the best courses to smoothly transfer to a four-year school. Advisors can also help clarify course requirements or refer you to support services as needed.

The Advising and Transfer Center office is ready to help you. Work with an advisor to choose the degree pathway that meets your needs and meets your transfer college requirements. Then, we will help you select courses that count toward your future bachelor’s degree. Our online records system provides a snapshot of your progress and keeps you on track for a successful transfer.




Many students start at Kirkwood’s Cedar Rapids or Iowa City Campus and transfer to the University of Iowa as part of the 2 Plus 2 Guaranteed Graduation Plan.

2 Plus 2 allows you to complete a two-year degree at Kirkwood, then earn a bachelor’s from the University of Iowa in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Business in just two additional years. When you enroll as 2 Plus 2 Plan student, you receive personal guidance and advising from Kirkwood and the University of Iowa, which will help you stay on track and meet your educational goals in a reasonable time frame.

And, since you’ll earn your Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree, you can transfer it as a unit and start at the University of Iowa as a junior.

2 Plus 2 is just one way your Kirkwood credit will transfer to a four-year school. You have other options, too, including:

  • Iowa State University Partnership
  • University of Northern Iowa Partnership
  • Take selected courses at Kirkwood and transfer them individually.
  • Attend Kirkwood and another school simultaneously. Many University of Iowa students are jointly enrolled at the Iowa City Campus.

The number one question transfer students ask is, “Will my credits transfer?”
Easy answers are available at, a website built by the three regents’ universities and Iowa’s community colleges, to create a seamless transfer process for community college students.

Transferring from one college to the next can be a big step, but it does not need to be complicated. There are resources to help you learn about the process specific to transfer students: admissions, equivalency guides, transfer plans, partnership programs, deadlines, financial aid, housing and orientation.

In addition to the regents’ schools, transfer agreements are in place with Iowa’s private four-year colleges and other colleges nationwide.


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Liberal Arts - Four Year College Transfer
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